Yoga for Desk Sitters

Sitting is the new smoking, according to some researchers.
Let’s counteract it with Yoga movements designed for desk sitters to balance out the effects of prolonged sitting!

Join this class every Wednesday lunch time with our resident Yogi, Vincci.


Vincci’s Story:

When I was working in corporate, I had back issues quite often.  I thought to myself, if I stayed in corporate, I’d be spending a lot of money on chiropractor fees and it wouldn’t solve the problem for me.  It took for me to be in that place of discomfort and suffering both mentally and physically that pushed me to make a change.

Yoga had always been there for me.  After doing Bikram and Hatha I felt the difference in my body that I couldn’t get from paddling (I used to do dragon boat racing too) or running.  The calm and lightness of Yoga helped me to understand how tense I’d been due to work stress and repetitive sitting positions.

Eventually I signed up to teacher training, not with the intention to teach, but wanting to learn more about Yoga.  As I began teaching, I saw the transformation in my corporate clients from coming in feeling haggard, tight and tired, to feeling calm, released and rejuvenated at the end.

This was when I realised I wanted to teach Yoga, particularly to the corporate people who sit at their desks all day.  Because they could benefit the most from Yoga.


In my class ‘Yoga for Desk Sitters’, you’ll discover ways to allow you manage the discomforts in your body that arise from prolonged sitting.

We’ll go through a series of Yoga poses in this class that will give you:

  • Improved mobility in thoracic spine, and opens up the chest area.The thoracic spine is the middle part of your spine, which is usually quite inflexible if you sit at a desk and work on a computer a lot
  • Calmer, and higher functioning nervous system, which helps you feel balanced
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Improved posture
  • Increase in energy
  • Better sleep

Come and experience it for it yourself at my Wednesday’s class at 12:30pm.  See timetable to book your spot.

Check out the class:

See timetable to book your class.

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