Yoga Classes in Chatswood

Enjoy quality Yoga that only a small class can give you.

Regular yoga practice helps to build good, healthy lifestyle and is ideal for those seeking stress relief, restoration and a calm nervous system – while promoting strength, fitness and balanced energy levels.

Don’t you just hate it when you are crammed into a room full of people when doing Yoga? Overcrowding doesn’t happen at our studio, because –

We cap our Yoga classes at 14 people to ensure that our members get more room to move, breathe, and more attention from our instructors. 

Benefits of regular Yoga practice:


Our Yoga Classes

In our Yoga classes, you won’t find a cluster of bodies sweating it out in a crammed room.  Nor will you find chanting, hand-holding, or incense lighting.

At our studio, Yoga is a functional aspect of a well-rounded exercise program. We like to focus on the benefits you can get out of Yoga, making it an inseparable part of the program.

Many who joined our studio stating they’d never enjoyed Yoga, were then surprised at how enjoyable Yoga could be at our studio!  Why’s that?  We aren’t sure yet – happy for you to give us your insights.

Please give us a call on (02) 8034 1886 to let us know of your specific needs; we offer a variety of Yoga styles at our studio to suit all experience levels and interests.

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