You might know about the well-known benefits of regular exercise, such as getting stronger, improving your endurance, increased flexibility, better balance, and losing weight…

But many don’t know these 10 surprising benefits of exercise –

1. Your sleep is better

Recent studies show that exercise improves quality of sleep and can help in treating insomnia.

Exercise helps by regulating your diurnal rhythm – your internal body clock that tells you when to sleep and how long for.  This then helps you exercise better, so the cycle of wellness can keep repeating!

2. You enjoy a better sex life

Exercise produces feel-good hormones that lower stress and depression, which are critical in maintaining a healthy sex drive.

Bonus is that exercise also makes you physically fitter and improves your stamina 😉

3. You’re a better parent, and better partner

When you take time out to exercise away from home, you get much-needed me-time to recharge.  You have more energy and patience for your kids and partner when you’re re-charged.

The feel-good hormones that comes with exercise will make you feel on top of the world, so you aren’t grumpy about spilt milk.

4. Get promoted quicker and paid more!

People who exercise are more energetic, productive, and are seen as more agile thinkers.

This has something to do with the physiological effect exercise has on your brain e.g. increasing the size of the hippocampus – part of the brain responsible for memory.

Exercise also raises the production of BDNF – brain-derived neurotrophic factors which is also known as the fertiliser for your brain.  BDNF maintains the life of your brain cells, and grow new ones.

Who wouldn’t want employees like that?

5. Reduces your risk of chronic (and sometimes hereditary!) disease

Recent studies have shown that a healthy diet and regular exercise reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%.

Similarly, higher levels of physical activity is linked to a 21% reduction in coronary heart disease for men, and a 29% reduction of such events in women.

6. Boosts your confidence

Exercise boosts your confidence in two ways –

1) It lowers your stress hormones, which act as a ‘negative Nancy’ to all of your body’s insecurities.

2) It then gives you a whole cocktail of happy hormones while you physically improve your body, so that you can see a direct link between hard work and reward.  This sense of accomplishment boosts your confidence, and makes you look fabulous at the same time!

7. You’re less likely to get sick

Exercise boosts your white blood cells (your body’s defence system), so that they work more often and better.

As we found out earlier, exercise also lowers your stress hormones that sabotage your immune system.

8. You’re more likely to eat better and less stress eating

Stress hormones are responsible for a lot of the bad food decisions.  They’re quick to tell your body to eat as much fat and sugar as you can.

Thank goodness exercise drives our stress hormones to low levels, so that you can start enjoying, and wanting, to eat healthier foods.

9. Less pains and aches in the body

Exercise increases circulation of blood and of your lymphatic system, which lets your joints and muscles loosen up and move more freely without pain.

In fact, it’s so good at helping aches and pains, EXERCISE is the number one treatment prescribed by allied health professionals for lower back pain!

See our webinar on ‘Exercise for Lower Back Pain‘.

10. Exercise saves you money!

Exercise saves you money in a couple of ways –

1) You’re less likely to get sick and take sick days.  The average Aussie takes about 9 days of sick leave a year, costing you and your company nearly $3000!

2) You’ll have less aches and pains.  The average Physio appointment is $100, so 8 sessions- or one set of treatment caps out at $800.  And that’s before any extra allied health services or medications you take to loosen those tight shoulders or that sore back.

Figures show that the average Aussie can lose anywhere from $4000-$42000 a year from an injury as ‘minor’ as lower back pain!

That studio membership looks like a worthwhile investment now, doesn’t it…

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