We are so glad to see you at the Leap studio!  We are a studio committed to creating the best possible wellbeing experience for members.  To ensure the optimum enjoyment of everyone at the studio, there are a few studio etiquette and member policies that we’d like you to know.

Class booking and cancellation

Always book your classes before coming to the studio, and always come to the classes you book.  You may book classes one week in advance.

[Why we ask of this: We cap attendance for every class to ensure the members have more room to move and breathe!  Please book ahead, to avoid missing out on a class.

We also ask everyone to book ahead, so the instructors can plan for each class accordingly to make sure everyone gets that personal touch in class.  We want to give every member a well-organised class that flows, so if we know how many and who are coming ahead of time, we can program the class accordingly.]

You must cancel within 4 hours of the class starting to avoid a late cancellation.

3 late cancellations and/or no-shows in a month will result in your account being suspended from booking for a fortnight.

[Why we ask of this: We cap attendance numbers for every class.  If a member makes a booking and doesn’t show, it means someone else misses out on their opportunity to attend the class.]

Coming to class

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your class starts.  We have a cosy lounge and wait areas in which you can relax while waiting for your class to start.  (Please note: if you are new to the studio and visiting for the first time, please allow 15 minutes before and after the class.)

[Why we ask of this: We aim to create a studio that allows you to forget about the daily stress when you’re with us.  Coming to the studio a little before your class starts allows you to wind down and be fully present for your class.]

You will not be allowed in after the start of a class.

[Why we ask of this: It is a great disturbance to the enjoyment of other members and the flow of a class when someone comes in late.  This is also why we ask  you to come to the studio 5-10 minutes before the class starts.]

You are encouraged to bring your own Yoga mat if coming to a Yoga class.

[Why we ask of this: We supply all equipment at the studio, including Yoga mats.  However, you may feel more comfortable and ‘yourself’ with your own mats.  Note: We do not offer mats storage at the studio.]

At the studio

Please switch your phone to silent (not on vibration mode).  Or better still, switch it off completely and enjoy a bit of tech-free time.

[Why we ask of this: There is nothing more distracting during a quiet Yoga practice when a phone goes off, so please respect other members’ practice.]

Try to support the serene energy in the studio by keeping the voices low.

[Why we ask of this: Yoga and Pilates are best done in peace and quiet.  Please respect other members’ practice.]

We offer herbal tea, filtered water, tea cups and glasses for members to enjoy.  However, please do not bring cups of tea or glasses of water into the rooms.  Please enjoy them in the wait areas or the kitchen, and then leave the cups and glasses in the dishwasher in the kitchen. If the dishwasher is on, please leave the cups and glasses in the sink.

You may bring water bottles into the rooms, and leave them in the cubby hole shelves in each room. 

[Why we ask of this: Member safety is our number one priority at the studio.  Most of our exercises are done without shoes, we wish to prevent people slipping on spilt beverage or stepping on broken glass.]

Please wear the appropriate footwear to your class.

  • For Yoga and Barre classes, please remove your shoes and socks before entering the room. There are cubby holes in the room for you to place your belongings.

[Why we ask of this: So you are able to ‘feel your feet grounding’ and practice correct foot alignment.]

  • For Reformer Pilates classes, please remove your shoes and wear ‘grip’ socks. There are cubby holes in the room for you to place your belongings.  We sell ‘grip’ socks at the studio should you wish to purchase a pair.

[Why we ask of this: For personal hygiene and safety, all members must wear ‘grip’ socks that have gel pads under the soles.  These socks increase ‘stickiness’ when working on Reformer beds and on floor.]

  • For Functional Training, please wear trainers.

After the class

Please wipe your equipment (mats, Reformer beds, bikes) with the sprays and cloths provided in each room.

[Why we ask of this: The equipment are shared amongst studio members.  We need to make sure they are clean and safe to use for the next person.]

Promptly move out of the room so the next class may begin.

[Why we ask of this: A quick transition from class to class ensures every member gets a full 45-minute workout.]


If you are unwell please consider skipping the class and returning when you are better.

[Why we ask of this: We need to consider the health and wellbeing of other members, and studio staff.]

Please inform your instructor of any injuries, medical conditions, and other health problems before the class starts.  Even though we always ask before the class, sometimes it is helpful to be proactive in sharing this information.

[Why we ask of this: Our instructors are trained to modify any exercises that may not be good for your condition.  We want to make sure you exercise safely and effectively within your range and ability.]

Thank you for your attention, and your assistance in creating an orderly, peaceful and welcoming studio environment!