You want a studio that has all the exercises you love at the one place, and on the one membership.

And no gyms for you, because they’re crowded and impersonal.  You want to be part of a community.

The typical Yoga and Pilates studios only does one or two things that you enjoy, so you’ve had to go to multiple places and join multiple memberships to do everything you love.  You’re wasting time and money.

We understand how it feels to have to go to multiple places and take out a second mortgage for what you love.

At Leap, we believe being boutique and personal doesn’t mean a small range of services, or a tiny hole-in-the-wall.

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3 Steps to a Well-Rounded Exercise Program Under the One Roof!

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What’s a Complete Exercise Program?

‘When the exercise has a purpose and you know it’s contributing to your long-term health and wellbeing.  It’s no longer a chore, it’s a gift.’

– Leap motivation board

When exercising for optimal health and fitness, you need a well-rounded program.

Why? Because you can’t get healthy and fit by just pumping weights, just running, or just doing Yoga!

So, what makes a COMPLETE exercise program?

The 4 Pillars of Exercise –

Yoga Pilates Functional Training Barre classes in Chatswood

We deliver these 4 Pillars in the variety of classes on offer at the studio.

Each class, and every exercise has its unique purpose in building a foundation of good health.

Our classes are over 50% smaller than those elsewhere, so you get more room to move and more attention from our expert instructors.

About the Classes

Reformer Pilates is a form of resistance exercise that is low-impact, it strengthens and tones like no other!  All done from the comfort of a Reformer machine.

Pilates is well-known for it’s ability to build core strength.

Core strength provides stability for your day-to-day activities and when performing other exercises. With a strong core, you are much less likely to get injured, and it could also make other exercises more effective.

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Regular Yoga practice helps to build good, healthy lifestyle and is ideal for those seeking stress relief, restoration and a calm nervous system – while promoting strength, fitness and balanced energy levels.

Don’t you just hate it when you are crammed into a room full of people when doing Yoga?  That doesn’t happen at our studio, because –

We cap our Yoga classes at 14 people to ensure that our members get more room to move, breathe, and more attention from our instructors.

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Functional Training is designed to improve your fitness and strength through a mix of cardiovascular and strength exercises in each class.

We focus on efficient movement patterns, correct muscle use and posture, to help you move better in daily activities e.g. running after your children, carrying heavy shopping bags.  In other words, the exercises that you do in Functional Training are, highly functional!

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Barre uses ballet exercises to strengthen and tone the entire body for longer and leaner muscles.  Not to mention our Barre classes are extreme addictive because they’re fast-paced, and fun!

Benefits from attending regular Barre classes include improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility, and reduced stress.

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Like to exercise outdoors in a group?  Then you must try our outdoor Bootcamp.

Led by one of our accredited Exercise Physiologists (she prescribes exercise for injury recovery and chronic medical conditions, so you’ll be given tailored exercises that suit your body), the sessions are run at a nearby park or a sheltered space when it’s wet.

The sun, the fresh air, and a friendly group, it makes for a great workout!

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Enjoy the ease of doing personally guided classes from home!

Our online and virtual classes (we call them LIVE STREAM) are great when you can’t make it to the studio e.g. when the kids are sick or when a meeting goes over.  You simply pull out a mat, and jump online with us!

Some of our members DOUBLED their weekly exercise when we introduced the LIVE STREAM classes – do one from the studio, and another from home.

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Our Member Satisfaction Agreement With You –

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Don’t delay. Because…

You’ve found your happy place – somewhere that offers you all the classes you love, and a personal and inclusive community.

We save you time and money to do everything you love at the one place, and on the one flexi membership (no 6 or 12-months contracts here!)

Don’t waste another year –

  • wondering if there’s something better out there.  ‘Cos there is!
  • paying for multiple memberships or passes
  • going through the motion with your do-it-yourself exercise, thinking it’s as good as it gets.  ‘Cos it ain’t!

What Our Members Say –

‘Clean, welcoming, and friendly.’

‘Love the variety of workouts and the instructors.  Thank you for helping me ease back into exercising and getting fit!’

‘I enjoy the variety of classes!  All the instructors are amazing and highly skilled.’

‘There are a variety of classes- functional training, pilates reformer, barre and yoga with the pilates classes being my absolute favourite! The small class size is fantastic, and almost like having a personal trainer. I have seen so much growth and progress in my fitness journey at Leap. The front of house staff are always kind, welcoming, helpful and engaging. The studios are beautiful and contemporary with a luxe feel. There is not a single negative that I could say!’

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