Experience the highly effective Reformer Pilates class in Chatswood.

Reformer Pilates is a form of resistance exercise that is low-impact, it strengthens and tones like no other!  All done from the comfort of a Reformer machine.

Pilates is well-known for it’s ability to build core strength.

Core strength provides stability for your day-to-day activities and when performing other exercises. With a strong core, you are much less likely to get injured, and it could also make other exercises more effective.

Benefits of Pilates and Reformer Pilates:


Our Reformer Pilates Classes

We have Reformer Pilates classes that cater to beginners, as well as those with more experience.  No matter what your level is, we have the right class for you.

Pilates is also great for those with back pain, shoulder issues, or other joint problems. It helps to strengthen the key muscles that help to protect the spine and joints, so you can move pain-free!

Please give us a call on (02) 8034 1886 to let us know of your specific needs; we offer group and private sessions to ensure you get the right level care and guidance to begin your Pilates practice.

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