Reformer Circuit

Taking your Reformer Pilates to the next level!

Why Reformer Circuit?

Making Reformer Pilates a fast-paced and invigorating experience.

The circuit format gives you an opportunity to perfect each exercise through repetition and progression.

Choose your intensity level, and work to your level.

How is it conducted?

Keeping it simple: we choose Reformer exercises that are short and sharp.

We add variety: the instructors will guide you through the sets of exercises, and giving you the options to make each set more challenging.

Making it about the whole body: the exercises will target each body part so you get a full-body program in 45 minutes.

How will I feel after the class?

The class could feel hard at times but that’s the point, right?  You want to be challenged.  Afterwards, you’ll feel immensely proud of yourself for having done it!

See Barbara taking her class from Reformer squats to Reformer push-ups –


Come to Barbara’s Monday lunch time session, or Constantina’s Wednesday evening session, and experience it for yourself!

This is a MUST-TRY class for those who’ve done Reformer Pilates Level 1 for quite some time.

Are you new to the studio?

 Book a studio tour and a COMPLIMENTARY class!*

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