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  • Love this gym. Personal Trainers are very friendly and helpful.Lots of equipment. Lots of classes. Great value. 👍
    Blake Hamish Avatar
    Blake Hamish
  • Absolutely fantastic experience at Leap! Such wonderful and experienced instructors, thoughtful management team and fabulous facilities. Highly recommend Leap to anyone looking for a personalized, effective and supportive environment to work out!
    greeshma govind Avatar
    greeshma govind
  • Lovely studio that got all I need, like Yoga ,Pilates and Barre. Such a nice and trendy environment next door to the station !
    Jessica Liu Avatar
    Jessica Liu
  • 'Wonderful studio offering great Reformer Pilates and Barre classes. The instructors there are awesome, and love what they do! The studio is also beautiful.' - Simone C.
    Simone Casonato Avatar
    Simone Casonato
  • Great pilates studio, i definitely recommend to anyone.
    Antonella Vaccaro Avatar
    Antonella Vaccaro
  • Shirley has created a sanctuary devoted to positive health and well-being. Classes are small enough to feel personal while there is enough variety to maintain interest. The instructors are welcoming and experienced, able to cope with different ages, injuries and health conditions. The equipment and props are top quality with cleaning protocols to keep everything sanitised between classes. Take the leap - you won't regret it!
    Jude Knott Avatar
    Jude Knott
  • Excellent stuido! Such a nice and clean space. All the rooms are bright and spacious. Classes are small size and instructors are very attentive.
    Rowan Bomf Avatar
    Rowan Bomf
  • I have been a member of leap for about two years, every week I am surprise with all new offers and challenges that leap is giving me to focus more on my body and wellbeing, Leap classes have never been boring for members as we always engage with new classes, challenges and support. Thanks Leap😊
    shahrzad afkhami Avatar
    shahrzad afkhami
  • Leap is the most wonderful gym I have ever attended. All of the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and they really take the time to understand each person's fitness level whilst encouraging and challenging each individual. There are a variety of classes- functional training, pilates reformer, barre and yoga with the pilates classes being my absolute favourite! The small class size is fantastic, and almost like having a personal trainer. I have seen so much growth and progress in my fitness journey at Leap. The front of house staff are always kind, welcoming, helpful and engaging. The studios are beautiful and contemporary with a luxe feel. There is not a single negative that I could say!
    Komal Pandya Avatar
    Komal Pandya
  • I love this place, very knowledgeable instructors, good workouts, lovely staff and a great community which means I don't only get a good workout but also have fun in the meantime. Priceless.
    Melinda Urban Avatar
    Melinda Urban
  • I adore this gym, it has wonderful classes and excellent staff. I've never felt fitter and happier since being a member 😊
    Jacquie R Avatar
    Jacquie R
  • Nathanael Supafly Avatar
    Nathanael Supafly
  • Leap has some great classes that I enjoyed a lot! The studio is fabulous and the trainers are knowledgeable and caring. I wish I'd discovered this place earlier! - Joyce P.
    Joyce Tonson Penalosa Avatar
    Joyce Tonson Penalosa
  • I've always been active, and staying fit is important to me. What I like the most about Leap’s classes is that I am pushed out of my comfort zone and I am challenged. I also used to pay a lot for a one-on-one private Pilates lesson and I can’t afford that as often as I would like, with Leap I’m paying less per week for as many sessions as I like! Talk about value for money!
    Claire Hammond Avatar
    Claire Hammond
  • Leap is by far one of the best studios I've visited. They have wonderful instructors, and an amazing selection of classes. After each visit, I feel more energetic, less tightness in my body, and I just feel calmer. Being a busy mum this is important to me. My husband tells me I've become a nicer person since I started going to Leap!
    T L Avatar
    T L
  • Leap Health and well being provide small group classes with excellent teachers that always provide you the individual attention you deserve! As a member for over two years Leap on line works for my busy schedule access from office home or work whilst on holidays anywhere and with extensive the online library anytime. I love the variety of classes the times at lunch and after work are great. I enjoy each and every moment you will too
    Naomi Liddle Avatar
    Naomi Liddle
  • Have been frequenting this studio for a few months now and I cannot get enough of all the classes, the instructors and the studio itself. Be warned - this place is addictive! Thanks for all the support, motivaiton and genuine love you offer Leap Team, you guys are amazing at what you do and if I could give this review more stars, I would!
    Jasmine Oppy Avatar
    Jasmine Oppy
  • Shirley and the team at Leap are so amazing! The energising Yoga class is revitalising, and the Pilates reformer classes are without a doubt the best I have ever participated in. I would have no hesitation recommending this studio to others.
    Chloé Jones Avatar
    Chloé Jones
  • Could not recommend Leap Health and Wellbeing more. There is so much variety with all the classes. All the teachers are fantastic and Shirely is lovely. Membership is such good value for money. Strongly recommend.
    Sylvia Mansour Avatar
    Sylvia Mansour
  • Before finding Leap, I found it hard to like or enjoy exercise but now it has truly become a part of my life and routine. Always look forward to visiting the studio and being challenged by all the fantastic instructors. Thank you for providing a comfortable, safe space for me to get active!
    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

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