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  • Enjoyed my experience exercising with Leap despite the lockdown. Online classes has been fun and everyone have been so helpful and nice.
    Jemmima Angjaya Avatar
    Jemmima Angjaya
  • Leap has some great classes that I enjoyed a lot! The studio is fabulous and the trainers are knowledgeable and caring. I wish I'd discovered this place earlier! - Joyce P.
    Joyce Tonson Penalosa Avatar
    Joyce Tonson Penalosa
  • Fabulous Studio. Very friendly & patient Instuctors !!! Amazing classes on offer!!! Highly recommend it for new beginners & others 🙂
    Sangeetha Devasahayam Avatar
    Sangeetha Devasahayam
  • I joined Leap almost 3 years ago. This is more than a studio but a place that keeps me healthy, fit, motivated and refreshed. All the instructors are professional, nice and caring. The studio owner Shirley is always there to support the members to make a brave step forward and change their life by building exercise as the routine. More importantly, you won't miss the personal touch the moment you step into the studio. I'm always looked after so well by everyone in Leap from doing a group class, a semi private or even just popping in to have a chat. If you are in Sydney, I highly recommend you to try a class at Leap!
    Hedy Shen Avatar
    Hedy Shen
  • I adore this gym, it has wonderful classes and excellent staff. I've never felt fitter and happier since being a member 😊
    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • The best things about Leap: 1) Beautiful studio with mirrored walls (important when doing pilates and yoga), complimentary herbal tea on arrival, lots of space to move and chill before/after class. 2)Phenomenal instructors - passionate about their job and they put that little bit of extra-ness into each class - I think it's the quality of the instructors that won me! 3) The classes are well designed and target desk workers to prevent aches and pains - my lower back pain and knee pain is gone! Also, there's an easy to use timetable with a reasonable cancelation policy... I would like a bit more classes on the weekend but the way it is still works.
    Leila-Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky Avatar
    Leila-Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky
  • There are a variety of small group classes ( fundtional training/yoga /barre/reformer Pilates/mat Pilates) and individual sessions. The instructors are professional and patient, and they demonstrate the postures clearly. I love all the classes at Leap and highly recommend to attend any of the classes here
    Pei-Chen Hsu Avatar
    Pei-Chen Hsu
  • Constantina Antonia K Avatar
    Constantina Antonia K
  • It's a real shame that I am moving away from Chatswood and I can't continue with Leap.

    I've been with Leap for one and a half years. You cannot believe how much I’ve changed since I joined the studio and I couldn’t have become who I am today without the help and support from all of you. Working out has engraved into my daily routine now and I firmly believe that this habit will have a life-long impact on me!

    Thank you Leap! Until next time!
    Winky Tan Avatar
    Winky Tan
  • The Leap studio is great - it has friendly staff and engaging Yoga instructors. It's also very conveniently for someone like me who works in Chatswood.
    David Kissane Avatar
    David Kissane
  • Wonderful studio with a range of classes at times to suit everyone. I recall when I first joined being hesitant about cost but it is absolutely worth every penny - I found myself going so often it was great value for money. Instructors are so friendly and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend
    Sarah (SK) Russell French Avatar
    Sarah (SK) Russell French
  • Such a great studio with fantastic small class sizes and postive energy!! Shirley and all instructors are lovely! Will miss the place!
    Caroline Avatar
  • I recommend this local exercise place to anyone who like me never like doing exercise in my life but now come to an age that all hell broke loose with ailments here and there. Unlike the big franchise gyms, Leap gives me the friendly, personal and tailored exercise experience. I feel like I'm getting more and more control of my own well being now. Thanks to Leap!
    Genius Mum Avatar
    Genius Mum
  • Love the studio and the coaches. I recently completed 30 classes and I am pleased with my experience and looking forward to continuing my leap journey.
    Subhashree Sundar Avatar
    Subhashree Sundar
  • I adore this gym, it has wonderful classes and excellent staff. I've never felt fitter and happier since being a member 😊
    Jacquie R Avatar
    Jacquie R
  • Leap Health and well being provide small group classes with excellent teachers that always provide you the individual attention you deserve! As a member for over two years Leap on line works for my busy schedule access from office home or work whilst on holidays anywhere and with extensive the online library anytime. I love the variety of classes the times at lunch and after work are great. I enjoy each and every moment you will too
    Naomi Liddle Avatar
    Naomi Liddle
  • I really enjoy having profession gym coach in Leap studio as well as friendly and convenient environment. I strongly recommend Leap Studio to all my friends and family! I'm so happy of being Leap member.
  • A small and very friendly and amazing exercise studio!I love the people in Leap studio. Shirley's team is so full of life and always there to help us get through personal challenges and cope with difficult condition (like COVID). You deserve so much more, Shirley!!
    Carrie Grundy Avatar
    Carrie Grundy
  • Really glad I found this place, a great concept to come to the convenience of Chatswood, to be able to do barre locally in Chatswood is great. Love the instructors, and being able to do reformer Pilates and functional training all same convenient location. New studio is really nice, great vibe
    Janice So Avatar
    Janice So
  • 'Wonderful studio offering great Reformer Pilates and Barre classes. The instructors there are awesome, and love what they do! The studio is also beautiful.' - Simone C.
    Simone Casonato Avatar
    Simone Casonato

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