We have three members who have reached their incredible 500th visit at Leap!

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How did they go from no exercise at all, to lean, strong, and incredibly motivated exercise lovers?

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Every month, the Leap studio finds amazing stories of transformation amongst its members.  They are people like you and I, who set out to discover a better version of themselves through self-care.  Leap is here every step of the way to help them get there!

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  • Love this gym. Personal Trainers are very friendly and helpful.Lots of equipment. Lots of classes. Great value. 👍

    Blake Hamish Avatar
    Blake Hamish
  • I chose Leap Chatswood because it's a boutique gym. Small size class and passionate teachers. Everything is new and clean. They do reformer, yoga, barre, functional training classes on every day across different times which is great. Very close to the station. Good to see there's a gym with soul at the local community.

    Zang Regina Avatar
    Zang Regina
  • I was recently on holidays in Australia and visited Leap Health and Wellbeing to do some yoga classes. Although it’s located in an office block, the studio itself feels like a little oasis, with comfy seating, herbal tea and filtered water on tap and a subtle essential oil diffuser in the background. The facilities are also great, with everything you could need to practise e.g. mats, blocks, bolsters etc. The staff are all very friendly and a variety of classes are on offer (including barre, Pilates and functional training as well as yoga). A maximum of 14 people per class means you get individual attention and don’t feel crowded. All in all a great experience

    Monique Rotik Avatar
    Monique Rotik
  • I adore this gym, it has wonderful classes and excellent staff. I've never felt fitter and happier since being a member 😊

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • Amazing energy, innovative in everything they do, attention to detail, thoughtful in ensuring best value to their members is all that describes this studio which is approachable in every sense the word. Kudos to the admin and the friendly trainers.

    Stuti Kapoor Avatar
    Stuti Kapoor
  • I chose Leap Chatswood because it's not your regular gym, it is a boutique gym. I love its small classes and instructors that attend to everyone and make sure that you do all excercises correctly. They take care of you if you are injured and give an alternative excercises that suit your condition. Staff is very friendly and very responsive to emails and all requests you may have. Highly recommend.

    Marina Pavic Avatar
    Marina Pavic
  • A boutique holistic studio, offering Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Functional Training. Beautiful space with wonderful caring staff. You will love it!

    Barbara Bachelder Avatar
    Barbara Bachelder
  • Shubhalakshmi N S Avatar
    Shubhalakshmi N S
  • Beautiful space to rejuvenate after a busy day. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Handy location too.

    Sonya Furlong Avatar
    Sonya Furlong
  • Beautiful studio, welcoming staff highly recommend

    Ben Handley Avatar
    Ben Handley
  • Wonderful studio with a range of classes at times to suit everyone. I recall when I first joined being hesitant about cost but it is absolutely worth every penny - I found myself going so often it was great value for money. Instructors are so friendly and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • Constantina Antonia K Avatar
    Constantina Antonia K
  • Such a great studio with fantastic small class sizes and postive energy!! Shirley and all instructors are lovely! Will miss the place!

    Caroline Avatar
  • This studio feels like a oasis, with a relaxed atmosphere, great facilities, friendly staff and a variety of classes. A maximum of 14 people per class means you get individual attention and don’t feel crowded

    Monique Rotik Avatar
    Monique Rotik
  • Really glad I found this place, a great concept to come to the convenience of Chatswood, to be able to do barre locally in Chatswood is great. Love the instructors, and being able to do reformer Pilates and functional training all same convenient location. New studio is really nice, great vibe

    Janice So Avatar
    Janice So
  • Thanks to the Leap team for helping me change my sedentary lifestyle to now loving exercise (especially Reformer Pilates 🥰) and being committed to it for over a year! All instructors are warm, friendly and engaging. Always look forward to my next visit 🙂

    Kylie Wong Avatar
    Kylie Wong
  • Nathanael Supafly Avatar
    Nathanael Supafly
  • Lovely studio that got all I need, like Yoga ,Pilates and Barre. Such a nice and trendy environment next door to the station !

    Jessica Liu Avatar
    Jessica Liu
  • I love this place, very knowledgeable instructors, good workouts, lovely staff and a great community which means I don't only get a good workout but also have fun in the meantime. Priceless.

    Melinda Urban Avatar
    Melinda Urban
  • What an amazing experience. Great set up and teacher was attentive and experienced. The classes are not packed like other studios and the variety of yoga style offered is great. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this studio to anyone who wants a space to focus on their well being and find some peace.

    Alice Cheng Avatar
    Alice Cheng

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