Congratulations to Abi on her 500th visit!


Abi is one of our incredible Semi-Private members, who took commitment to her health and wellness to the next level.

Abi came to Leap two years ago, looking for a studio that had strength training, yoga and pilates all under one roof. She’d just had a 6 month break due to an ankle injury and was advised by a physio to incorporate some pilates into her workouts to keep her body in peak physical condition.

“The physio wanted me to do a pilates class with him- but the sessions were up to $175 for 45 minutes, and I didn’t want to spend that much for one class.”

Abi started, like many of our members, with Reformer Pilates. “With the physio pilates, you only work one part of your body- your injured part- but here we worked out everything safely, and also got to stretch, and strengthen and recover faster.”

Abi aims for a balanced workout program– to go to reformer pilates, barre, yoga and functional training all at least once a week. But trying to get her to commit to a favourite class was difficult, because she likes them all!

“I really like Jess’s Semi Private, and Karla’s Functional Training, and Eliza’s Bootcamp, and Barbara’s Pilates… I can’t decide!”

And ever since first walking into our studio, she’s had no regrets. “As soon as you come in, you can have a cup of tea, and relax and sit around. It’s so calm- not noisy or crowded or sweaty like other gyms. It feels like a second home.”

Of course, the only way Abi has succeeded at this incredible achievement is through perseverance and consistency. This was reflected during our lockdown, when she attended at least 1 virtual class a day. Abi knows that these classes, “especially at lunchtime and in the evening” made her to be more productive, more efficient and more focused while she worked from home.

Eventually, her goals changed from “I need to get strong so I don’t injure myself again” to “I want to do a handstand- and a pull up- and I want to make sure I’m doing all the exercises right!”, and started weekly Semi Privates. She loves that these sessions give her in depth one on one time with her chosen instructor so that she can be sure she’s got good form and technique.

“Semi Privates have really helped me learn good form and develop my muscle-mind connection. It’s also really fun, learning new movements that I can experiment with at home. I like that I can just come into the studio and not think about work or kids or stress about anything else. I can just concentrate on the movement, ‘Be Here Now’, and that’s therapy.”

Well done Abi for your amazing achievement! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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