Congratulations to Claire on her 500th visit!


“What I like the most about Leap’s classes is that I am pushed out of my comfort zone and I am challenged!’

Claire has another story written when she was Leap Member of the Month for August 2018; check out how she came to Leap Health and Wellbeing here.

Claire came to Leap back when we first opened doors in 2018 (it seems so long ago!)- back when her office was right across the road from us.

Now she comes into the studio whenever she’s in the area- often bringing in her rescue dog & honorary Leap mascot Junior. The rest of the time, she does our Virtual/Online sessions! “I have a dog that gets separation anxiety, so it’s really helpful to have all of the Leap online services,” says Claire. “I can stay home and exercise, without worrying about him.”

Even a back injury last year hasn’t stopped her from reaching this incredible milestone- in fact, it’s made Claire come back better and stronger than ever!

She’s gone from strength to strength- starting just with Barre and Pilates, Claire was initially a little intimidated by Functional Training, but once she’d given a couple of sessions a go, she was converted!

“What I like the most about Leap’s classes is that I am pushed out of my comfort zone and I am challenged, but obviously enjoy the challenge, otherwise I wouldn’t keep coming back.”

Claire loves all the different types of classes Leap offers- and she suggests that when you join, you should try out as many different ones as you can. “Once you find the ones you like, stick with them, and make it a routine,” Claire says.

AWESOME WORK Claire, we look forward to every time you (and Junior) come into the studio!

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