In our 2021 year-end studio member survey, many people said time was the biggest challenge to their health and wellbeing, specifically finding the time to exercise.

This got us thinking – how do we make exercise time-friendly?  What are the tools or strategies that make it possible to meet the demands of our busy lives, and still find the time to exercise regularly?

How do our members do it?

In the process of finding the tools that work, we interviewed a number of people in the Leap community on how they fit exercise in, and what tools help them to make exercise a regular event.

We spoke to C-level execs, business owners, people juggling a full-time career and a young family, as well as empty-nesters, and those in between.  We learned so much in the process.

We’re very excited to share with you the ingenious tips, tool, and even hacks that make exercise possible in a time-poor world.



Mum of 3 school-age children and works 4 days a week

Incidental exercise is important for Louisa to fit exercise into her (and her kids’) busy schedule. The convenience of doing LIVE STREAM classes also helps to make it a regular event.

There’re so many seemingly plausible reasons to miss exercise when you’re a young mum but Louisa knows that if she wants to live a pain-free life, daily exercise is non-negotiable.



Managing Director at an HR company

Dave is a busy executive overseeing the operation, client relations, and the management of a leading Australian HR company. His schedule is often packed with back-to-back meetings throughout the day.

Dave has maintained regular exercise since 2019 attending, on average, 4 sessions per week.

His attitude on exercise changed from the initial ‘it’s an appointment in my diary that I have to do’, to ‘exercise is my reward, something I look forward to at the end of the day’.



Small business owner with 2 school-age children

Walking 10,000 steps each day is non-negotiable for Anne.  Previous to running her own business, Anne was a corporate exec who travelled frequently and managed a large team.

A busy job + 2 young kids, and yet Anne only missed her daily 10,000 steps on 2 occasions.  What’s her secret?



C-suite executive at a government agency

Jacquie is a busy executive with multiple competing priorities and stakeholders to manage on a daily basis. Her schedule doesn’t allow for much flexibility, and work demands often see her working on weekends.

Jacquie sees exercise as mindfulness time, that’s part of maintaining her own health and wellbeing. Something akin to that airline saying ‘put your mask on first’ if you’re to lead others.



Full-time working mum with a 5-year old

Daily exercise is a must for Celine who works full-time and has an active 5-year old boy at home.

Exercise gives Celine a boost in energy and helps her be more productive and present, so she can be her best self at work and at home.



Full-time working mum with 2 school-age children

Charlotte sees exercise as her way to recharge batteries so she’s a better mum to her children. She says creating a habit of exercise, like having a shower or brushing teeth, is the way to go.

‘If exercise isn’t that important to you right now, then the effort to make it happen will feel like hard work so you won’t keep doing it. On the other hand, if you make exercise a non-negotiable part of your day, then solutions will come to you to make it happen.’

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