You want to feel healthy, active and strong.  Walking has been your only exercise for a long time, and you know you need to do more.

Problem is, you’re reluctant because most gyms make you feel uncomfortable, even intimidated, as a beginner.

Have you ever driven to your local gym, mentally struggled with yourself to go in, and eventually turned back?

We understand how it feels to be discouraged by the impersonal environment you’re in, and the impossibly fit and strong people you’re surrounded by.  You feel out of place.

At Leap, we believe exercise isn’t just for the fit and strong.

We’ve helped many, who started out just like you, find their love for exercise, with –

Charmaine’s story –

After turning 50 and unhappy with her lifestyle, Charmaine is determined to make some positive changes.

3 years at the Leap studio, not only is she now much fitter, stronger, she’s also loving to exercise and sees it as her daily therapy!

Tanya’s story –

My name is Tanya and I’ve been working from home since the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020.

I’ve been doing Zoom privates twice a week since then — one Reformer Pilates private and one Functional Training private.

I started coming to Leap in September 2019. I’d had two frozen shoulders years ago, and because of it, had just stopped doing anything. It eventually got to the point where it was severely impacting my quality of life — things like I had trouble reaching down and picking up the paper. Any time I did unusual movement — anything out of the ordinary, like fixing windows, I would injure myself. I was already in my 50’s and I knew if I didn’t do anything now it would be too late!

I knew a gym wasn’t going to work for me.  It’s so impersonal, I’d probably injure myself again.

Leap has been so fantastic meeting me where I was at so that I could start exercising safely, without feeling incapable or unwelcome. I started Reformer Pilates privates and loved the pilates machine. It reminded me a little of rowing with some of the exercises, so I quickly got the hang of it.

As soon as lockdown started last year, I rented a Leap reformer and moved to Zoom privates. I was also strong enough to start doing some Functional Training (cardio + strength training) Zoom privates, so I started doing an extra private a week.

I had been reluctant to start Functional Training but it really helped me commit to myself. At first I thought it was so hard, and that I would never improve but then…

I started making so many gains! I was getting stronger not just physically, but mentally, which was amazing during COVID. I had more energy than before, my work performance was improving because I was healthier, I felt like I was achieving more and more in my privates which meant my mindset changed in everything else. Instead of ‘this is hard, I can’t do this’, it became ‘this is a challenge that I can overcome’!

Because I am feeling so strong, I can do so much more with everything. I’ve noticed that from hanging my washing or walking French mastiff to standing up while carrying my (10 kg!) step-granddaughter, I can do everything without any issues. I’ve even surprised my family with how strong I am, and how much my mood has improved overall!

I can’t recommend Leap enough for anyone who wants to change the way they feel, and don’t know where to start.

Leap has helped me improve my entire quality of life.

We know diving right into a group class may feel a bit daunting.

Why not start with a couple of one-on-one sessions with a friendly coach to unlock your motivation, learn the basic technique, and then try a few group classes?


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Don’t delay. Because…

Did you know, more than half of Australians aren’t doing enough exercise?

Walking alone isn’t enough according to the Department of Health guidelines.

Exercise (on top of walking) is seen by many as a nice-to-have, something that can be delayed until you feel pains or aches.

By then, you would’ve have suffered –

  • Reduced quality of life
  • Interruption to work and family life
  • Expensive trips to physio, chiro, medical specialists, that cost way more than the investment you make now on prevention

Don’t waste –

  • another year wishing you’d exercise more
  • more money on gyms you won’t go, or online exercise you won’t do
  • another year of feeling guilty

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WOW your friends with your 16 push-ups a minute!


‘As a slightly older and reasonably unfit male, I had tried the local ‘big-box’ gyms with little success. They provided very little support or guidance resulting in numerous injuries. I saw some marketing flyers about Leap and decided to give it a go – and I have never looked back! I get an enormous amount out of the combination of low impact and mindful training of Reformer Pilates and Yoga, and functional strength and cardio training. I have lost weight, improved my functional strength and increased my energy levels. I still, however, have a long way to go with my yoga as I continue to be the most inflexible person in class – but as they say, there’s always room for improvement!’

Mark W.

‘Thanks to the Leap team for helping me change my sedentary lifestyle to now loving exercise (especially Reformer Pilates 🥰) and being committed to it for over a year! All instructors are warm, friendly and engaging. Always look forward to my next visit :)’

Kylie W.

‘Leap is the most wonderful gym I have ever attended. All of the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and they really take the time to understand each person’s fitness level whilst encouraging and challenging each individual.  The small class size is fantastic, and almost like having a personal trainer. I have seen so much growth and progress in my fitness journey at Leap.’

Komal P.

‘Love the variety of workouts and the instructors. Thank you for helping me ease back into exercising and getting fit.’

Leap Member in 2019

‘After years of trying different gyms and being habitually lazy, Leap is the 1st gym I have ever enjoyed going to. Each of the team is amazing and they provide the support you need especially when you have never done a type of class before. It truly is a great gym.’

Sandra T.

‘I am so glad that I joined and started my regular exercise with Leap. I particularly like the class booking system, which encourages me to commit to the exercise, in turn to improve my wellbeing.’

Leap Member in 2019
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We transform you from –

Feeling fat and frumpy, to fit and fabulous!


Disliking exercise, to an exercise advocate!


Low energy, to a spring in your step!


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