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Charmaine and Sangeetha

After turning 50, Charmaine decided that she’d do whatever she could to be fit and healthy.  A sentiment echoed by her work buddy, who is also her workout buddy, Sangeetha.

Charmaine and Sangeetha hold each other accountable to come to classes every day at Leap.  Both of them love showing their moves in the Leap Barre class on Wednesday evening with Indigo, and getting their A game on in Marnie’s Thursday Functional Training class.

Charmaine is excited that she can now do a plank! – a feat she thought was impossible when she first joined in February!  Sangeetha tells us that she’s been feeling super energised, focussed and just a whole lot healthier.  Both of these powerhouses feel like a different person since joining Leap.

When asked the best thing about working out with a buddy, both agree that it’s the encouragement, motivation and pushing each other on to do their best.  In Sangeetha’s words, ‘we encourage, motivate and push each other to do our best with a view to getting the best results for the both of us – be a better version of ourselves.

To these two amazing ladies, wellbeing means looking after their mind, body and soul.  Leap is the perfect studio for them because it is a holistic studio that places equal importance on all three, beyond 6-packs or the number on the scale.

Like all high achievers, Charmaine and Sangeetha both have very clear fitness and wellbeing goals that they want to achieve in the next 3-6 months.  Leap is here to see them through these goals, so they emerge a better version of themselves.

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