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Hiro’s story:


I’ve been running marathons for some time.  I’ve heard that Pilates and Yoga could help runners with their performance and recovery.  That’s when I found the Leap Health and Wellbeing studio, which offers Reformer Pilates, and a Yoga class especially for people who run, called Yoga for Runners.

I began practicing Yoga and Reformer Pilates at Leap regularly for the last 2 months.  And recently I broke my marathon record by 3 minutes!

I noticed as I ran my cramps went away, I learnt to engage my core, and my hips were much more stable when running.  I am so pleased with the result I got!

Highly recommend all runners to complement their training with Yoga and Reformer Pilates.  Leap has a professional team of instructors who care about its members individually, who will help you get to your goals.

Try the Leap difference!

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