Congratulations to our Member of the Month!



“Leap gave me a reason to prioritise my health and wellbeing!”

We’d like to introduce you to this issue’s Member of the Month, Steve!! He also happens to be this year’s Leap Winter Challenge Winner! What a better time to celebrate his consistent efforts at Leap.

Steve has been coming to Leap since April 2020 and continued with his fitness all through COVID. We wanted to share Steve’s inspiring story on consistent effort, success, and reaching for your goals.

We spoke to Steve about his fitness journey and how the Winter Challenge helped improve his health and wellbeing, and his thoughts on what he finds different about Leap.

Steve reveals how the Winter Challenge not only improved his health but also gave him a reason to prioritise his health and wellbeing. He set personal goals and continues to attend even more classes, leading him to his big win!

When first joining Leap, he was experiencing joint pains and general feelings of poor wellbeing. He believes that if he hadn’t changed his path and joined Leap, these would be amplified.

Steve highlights that he is grateful for the motivation you get at a Leap group class, versus doing it on your own as another number at a large gym. He loves that the Leap Team are all highly experienced and knowledgeable, which has empowered his own understanding of health, fitness, and his own body.

Leap has help Steve build confidence

Steve has never felt fitter, and is now highly motivated to want to maintain what I have achieved” on his continuing Leap journey.

How will he be spending his prize money you ask?

Our Champion says in true winner style, “I will buy some non-alcoholic wine and low carb, low alcohol beer from the supermarket, as part of my new habits I am developing.”

Steve is a prized member and inspiration of our Leap community.

Congratulations Steve, and keep up the hard work!!