Congratulations to our Members of the Month!

Our First Leap Family

Their Story:

Mum Liz, Dad Nick, son Hamish and daughter Philippa are our joint members of the month this month!

This family has taken the LEAP together to be an amazing part of our studio!

It all started with Liz, who found Leap in February 2019, looking for something to keep her active for her mental wellbeing, a little closer to home. Initially Liz was attending our Yoga classes- it took her a little while to build the courage to join our reformer and barre classes, she’s definitely glad she did!

Then, one day in November, Philippa’s school was cancelled due to a power outage. Not to be deterred, Liz brought her to Leap – because Liz wasn’t going to miss out on her reformer class! – and Philippa joined in. With a background in artistic gymnastics, Philippa took to reformer like a fish to water!

But that wasn’t the end of it!

During Lockdown, all family members shared the screen with our Virtual Live Streamed classes, doing Functional Training and Yoga together. Philippa managed to convince her older brother Hamish to give it a go (and Liz was pleased that he wasn’t just sitting in front of a screen).

When Lockdown finally ended Saturday morning became theirs. Liz does reformer in the morning followed by Nick and Hamish doing bootcamp with our Exercise Physiologist Eliza, while Philippa co-hosts Barre with Jess, and brings in amazing baked treats for all the members that she’s baked that morning.

“It’s nice to do something together,” says Liz, “but it’s also nice that we’ve all our place, not necessarily doing the same things, that we’re also doing different things.”

For Philippa and Hamish, group classes at Leap are a great way to transition from childhood sport into adult exercise.

Liz feels that exercise becomes crucial when times are stressful, as it offers so many mental health benefits, including:

  • Natural and super effective anti anxiety treatment
  • Ups your dopamine and serotonin levels, ie your happy hormones.
  • Helps you sleep better at night.
  • Regulates and promotes a healthy fight or flight response
  • Helps your become more resilient and have better self esteem!

Well done, Philippa, Hamish, Liz and Nick for being our Members of the Month!  Keep up the amazing work!

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