Congratulations to our Member of the Month!



“Exercise has become part of my identity.”

Pia was having pains and aches and living a sedentary lifestyle when she first came to Leap.

Now 3 years on, she has completed 500 sessions at the studio, amounting to 25,000 minutes of exercise!

Pia: I’ve always been a sedentary person, who didn’t like exercise, sports, or sweating.  As an adult, I still didn’t like sweating and didn’t have an active lifestyle.  So hitting 500 classes (equivalent of 25000 minutes of exercise) is a milestone!

I remember I had a bad back pain as a result of regular heavy-lifting at work.  I also had weird neck pain and back pain, and I justed wanted to feel strong.

Also having PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), the doctor said I have to be active and exercise to help manage symptoms.

It’s funny thinking back that the toddler who propelled me to start exercising (because lifting him caused my back to ache) is now in Year 1, and that’s how long I’ve been at Leap!

Leap helped Pia to enjoy exercise and have fun with exercise.

Pia: Leap is very encouraging; I like the instructors and the community here.  Everyone knows each other and it’s a friendly space.

The instructors also know a lot about exercise.  I had wrist pain in both wrists for quite some time, and the instructors always gave me modifications so I could continue to exercise despite of my wrists.

I love Leap!  I used to literally live around the corner from the studio in Chatswood.  Now I’ve moved further away but I still make the time to come to Leap.  I factor in how I’m going to make it to Leap every time I move!

What results have you seen since coming to Leap?

Pia: I feel like this is the strongest I’ve ever been!

It’s very satisfying to see your body doing something that you didn’t think was possible.

I remember when I first started exercising here, I struggled through a single Functional Training class.  And now I can do a Functional Training class following a Reformer Pilates class, or a Reformer Pilates class followed right after a Barre class! – I can do 2 back-to-back sessions now!

Exercise also taught me how to better take care of my body.  Here’s a funny story after learning how to lunge in Functional Training:

“I now think exercise is fun! It’s my hobby, and it’s become a part of my identity.”

If you struggle to find the time for exercise, hear what Pia has to say –

Well done, Pia, for being our Member of the Month! You’re an inspiration to us!