Congratulations to our Members of the Month!


Wendy and Steve!

Steve and Wendy’s Story:

The Champion Champions!

Husband and wife, Wendy and Steve joined Leap as soon as the lockdown ended in June.

Steve had a longtime shoulder injury that had been going from bad to worse and Wendy needed to change gyms because her’s didn’t offer many group classes that worked for her schedule post lockdown.

Steve was also looking for a change. Formerly a member of a well-known big box gym, he went to group classes and trained under one of their personal trainers, “which wasn’t sustainable long term,” he reckons. “It cost an arm and a leg.”

They both joined as soon as lockdown ended, and both have quickly become an incredible and delightful part of our Leap family. “Everyone was welcoming and friendly,” says Steve.

As both of them run a business together (conveniently a 3 minute walk away from Leap!) they use Leap to destress and stay healthy and fit.

While both of them come to Leap, they have different classes at different times so they each get what best works for them. Steve was trying to increase his fitness and health before a major shoulder operation while Wendy has always been active and wanted to continue exercising for fun.

Wendy’s favourite class is Functional Training with Exercise Physiologist Eliza on Tuesday nights while Steve like Open Yoga with Laura.

Awesome work guys, you’re an inspiration to couples everywhere!

And GOOD LUCK STEVE with your operation!

Well done, Steve & Wendy, for being our Members of the Month!  Keep up the amazing work!

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