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Lorinda’s beautiful journey to self-care – ‘Exercise helps me to feel better.’

I have 3 kids, my eldest is 10 and I haven’t exercised for 10 years, even though I was always active before I had kids. Something dramatic happened in my life this year that made me think I need to look after myself and that I should make time for me. I would like to be a role model for my kids, and now they always ask me what class I am going to and they end up being my little cheer squad saying ‘Good on you, mummy!

Ever since starting at Leap, I try and come 3-4 times a week with a mix of Barre, Yoga, and Functional Training. If I go away I immediately miss my Barre and Yoga classes. I always look forward to coming back. Exercise helps me to feel better.

Making time is easy now as I make sure I book in the classes each week and go to my regular classes. I have managed to fit in full time work and classes in the afternoon/evening. Coming straight after work has worked for me because I have no excuses but to go to exercise instead of going home and look after the kids. The Leap timetable works for anyone’s schedule!

I feel better physically, where I have lost weight which wasn’t necessarily a goal but glad it is happening. And I feel better mentally. I suffer from migraines and one time I was at work. I switched off the lights in my office, lied down on the floor and I remembered what yin yoga taught me. I recovered and got through my day. It was amazing usually I would have to go home and take medication.

To those who’re looking to start the same journey, I wanted to say that I really did take the Leap!!!  It was time to look after myself mentally and physically. Exercise and being active gives you the metal strength to overcome anything in life. 

When I decided to look online for a place that was close to home, and I really wanted to try Barre. I didn’t want a gym and I wanted to have small classes. Shirley responded straight away to my enquiry. I thought it’d be easy and try Yoga first but she suggested Barre.  I loved my first Barre class! It was so hard but I loved the teacher and instructions were clear, I didn’t feel out of place at all.

Leap studio is the most welcoming place. I instantly feel calm when I walk through the door and have a herbal hot tea (and I never drink tea because of my migraines). During my classes, I can’t think about work, kids or the to-do list because I’d be too busy trying to balance or run or follow a step in class! I’m thankful that I get that opportunity to clear my mind whilst exercising.

I have met some wonderful people, every teacher is encouraging and welcoming. It is so easy to feel comfortable here and not be judged by anyone.

I am so lucky to have found Leap. It has really changed my life. It is really hard to get out of the routine of looking after everyone but yourself but I did it. I found a studio that was perfect for me. 

My journey of healing and looking after myself continues and Leap is part of it.

‘I suffer from migraines. One time I was at work, and I felt a migraine coming on. I switched off the lights in my office, lied down on the floor and I remembered what Yin Yoga taught me. I recovered and got through my day. It was amazing, as usually I would have to go home and take medication!’

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