Congratulations to our Member of the Month!



Hedy’s Story

Hedy is a busy mum with a young family and a high-pressure job.  Her saviour in Hong Kong was her daily Yoga class.  After moving to Australia, exercise had to be put on hold until she found a new exercise home at Leap.

Initially Hedy had fears about exercising again after a long break.

Knee pain introduced her to Reformer Pilates.

And now 2 years on, not only is Hedy loving Barre, Reformer Pilates, she’s also getting stronger through Functional Training, something she avoided at first thinking it’s too hard.

As a mum, Hedy understands how hard it is to find time for exercise.  Her secret is to think of exercise as the ‘booster of life’

Where to from here, Hedy?

One last thing – How do you keep yourself going, especially during all those burpees?!!

‘Think of exercise as a ‘booster of life’, not as a waste of time.‘ – Hedy

Well done, Hedy, for being our Member of the Month!  Keep up the amazing work!