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Hong and Marina!

Make time for your health by using the lunch break for exercise!

Hong and Marina are friends at work, and they’re buddies attending daily classes together at Leap.

Both agree that better health, both physical and mental health, was the key motivator in getting them started at Leap.  Working in a busy corporate office, being able to de-stress from work is also an important factor in getting them started.

Almost one year on, what changes have they experienced?

Hong – I notice better quality of sleep since I started coming to Leap.  Although I have also picked up some injuries, but that’s not stopping me from exercising.  The instructors at Leap are great as they really do look after me and modify exercises for me in class so I can keep staying active despite of my injuries.

Marina: I notice improvements in my strength and flexibility!

Both Hong and Marina make time for daily classes at the studio, whilst managing busy jobs.  They ‘sacrifice’ their lunch break for their daily class.  Building this new routine wasn’t easy at first but a little persistence came a long way.

Their message to those looking to start the same journey:

Hong – Make time for yourself, as your health is important and deserve to be made time for.  Everyone is busy so you have to make sacrifices to get results.

Marina – Leap is a great place to come and everyone is lovely, the instructors are great and provide adjustments and corrections so you know if your alignment is correct. The smaller classes are great as it’s not like the big gyms where you are doing your own thing and no one knows each other.

Also, something I learnt from my classes: if it feels easy then you are probably not doing it right!

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