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Rupali joined Leap at the recommendation her friend, Shubha, who is also a member at the Leap studio.

After having two children, Rupali feels the need to get back in shape and regain her fitness.  She recognises the pitfalls of simply joining a gym, which doesn’t give her the guidance and motivation she needs to keep up with the exercises.

She saw the class format at Leap, its variety of classes, its encouraging and friendly team, gave her the guidance and motivation needed to commit to a daily exercise routine.

Being a busy mum of two young children, Rupali’s time is precious but she makes the commitment of coming to a class every day!  With the help of Leap, she is doing an excellent mix of classes that build her fitness whilst giving her body the recovery it needs.

Rupali’s favourite class is Functional Training.  She loves the intensity, and challenging her body – she knows that the interval style training in these classes is the best way to help her shed unwanted kilos.  She tells the Leap team that initially she felt so sore after the classes that she needed her husband to massage her legs every evening! (Your husband/partner/boyfriend could do the same ;-))

To Rupali, wellbeing means regaining her fitness.  She wants to feel fit and strong, and being a good role model to her children.  And she is one motivated machine! – she even practices squats at home to perfect her form!

Well done, girl!  We’re here with you every step of the way.

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