Meet our Member of the Month – Izzy!


Meet Izzy – our newest ever member, joining in just Dec 2022, to be crowned Member of the Month. And for very good reason! Izzy shows us how a commitment to yourself, is never just to yourself. It is also a powerful way to uplift those around you (and those yet to enter your life).

The Burning Platform

Truthfully, Izzy wasn’t always this eager to be active. But she knew the importance of health and exercise, and wellbeing. But simply knowing this wasn’t enough to take action for a few years.

So what was her burning platform?

She ‘wants to start a family’. She took a moment to realise how her and her partner were not looking after their own bodies. This inspired some urgency. After all, how do you nurture others, when you yourself do not have the health and vitality to unconditionally give?

So she began her journey of self-commitment (and enthusiastically, and very consensually, roped her partner to join her), with a powerful vision – to commit to her own health, so she could give her future family her all.

Amazing. Izzy has a powerful goal. But now what?

Gyms didn’t cut it. Lifting heavy chunks of metal alone wasn’t any better.

She needed people. Inspiring her partner to be her comrade was of course a great start, but they needed guidance. Instructors. Community. Care.

With Izzy’s tenacity, and perhaps a sprinkle of fate, Leap entered her journey, literally almost at their doorstep.

Taking The Leap

For Izzy, Leap was a perfect addition to her journey. It remains in her life not only due to convenience, but she thrives off the variety,  the community, and accountability.

Izzy can feel the difference. Her ‘energy levels are improving‘. She feels like the exercise breaks up her work and personal life nicely, helping her build a better routine. But perhaps the most powerful thing, is that Izzy is now sustained by internal satisfaction, as she knows she is ‘finally doing something’ for herself, for her partner, for those around her, and for her future family.

Fast forward to now, Izzy has already proven her commitment to herself, attending more than 30 classes in her short time here, being one of the most consistent members of our Leap family.

But that’s not enough just yet. With her new thirst for exercise, she also wishes to try hiking to ascend to even further heights in her fitness journey!

Izzy’s enthusiasm is truly contagious. She is now thriving even more, uplifting her partner in crime, and Leap family as well. And we are with her every step of the way.

Keep up the amazing work Izzy, your journey has just begun!