Congratulations to our Members of the Month!

Reformer-Pilates-Barre-Yoga-Strength-Training-Back-Pain_Mei Bonita May22

Mei & Bonita!

Exercise brought this mum-daughter duo closer

Mei struggled with exercise for years

Mei struggled for years to establish an exercise routine.  As someone who’s dedicated to achieving in her work and looking after her family, for years she’d neglected herself.

Until one momentous day when her back gave out and she was paralysed in bed with debilitating pain.  That was the wake-up call for her.

Mei didn’t have a good relationship with exercise.  Bonita watched her mum going on the vicious cycle of feeling poor about herself, deciding to join a gym, then hating it because she was going on the machines by herself not knowing what to do and not enjoying it, then feeling bad about not going, and then finally giving up until the cycle repeated itself again.

Bonita chose somewhere more personal to exercise

Bonita decided to take a different approach and joined Leap for its small class size, the non-gym atmosphere, and its personal touch.

Mei admonished Bonita for getting her a Leap gift card

Bonita bought Mei a Leap gift card for her birthday, and was admonished by Mei –

‘This isn’t a gift.  This is torture!’

Encouragement and gentle ‘nagging’ helped Mei see results!

Upon much encouragement from Bonita and husband, Mei made her first visit to Leap 18 months ago, and she hasn’t looked back.

“Thank you to my daughter and Leap, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.” – Mei

Well done, Mei and Bonita, for being our Member of the Month! You’re an inspiration to us!