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Claudia’s story – 

‘Before I joined Leap, I had never been part of any fitness facility. I wasn’t a sporty person and never exercised.

At that time, I felt my life was very stale: going from work to home, then home to work.  I wanted something else to look forward to every day.  I never imagined that something could be exercise.

It was important for me to find a place where I felt I belonged to.  I didn’t fit in with the gym crowd because it was full of fit girls parading in their fashionable tops and pants, I didn’t feel comfortable there.

When Leap opened up downstairs from my office, I went to check it out.  Being over 50, I was worried that I’d be the oldest person there, and the most clueless about exercising.  But I had nothing to worry about when I saw people of similar age to me, some even older than me giving their 100% in class.

Leap really made me feel comfortable in my own skin: I didn’t feel judged, I fit right in.  All the other members are just like you and I: down-to-earth, unpretentious, and just wanting to do something good for themselves.  The instructors at Leap are friendly and caring, and they remember your name!  They ask me how my body feels, how I like the classes etc.  Before and after the classes, I get to chat with the other members and instructors, so I feel like I’m part of a community.

Leap definitely isn’t your average gym, it’s full of human connection and positive energy.  I love it here!  It’s like my second home; I visit it every day!

I went away for 7 weeks at the end of last year, and I missed my classes!  I asked the studio to reactivate my membership early so I could come back to my classes.

I also didn’t think I’d enjoy Yoga until I had a couple of classes at Leap.  Now I’m coming to regular Yoga classes.  So my advice to everyone is that if you’d done Yoga elsewhere and you felt it wasn’t for you, give it another go at Leap because the experience is truly like no other!  The small group environment, and how carefully the instructors teach you here, really makes a difference to how much you appreciate Yoga.

My daughter tells me that I’ve been looking better since I started doing classes at Leap.  And I feel fantastic, too!’

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