Congratulations to our

Member of the Month!



“I can now, on average, do 4-5 classes a week, so it’s made a huge difference to how I was previously. I’m confident that I am stronger than I was then.”

Vanessa joined Leap in 2019 when she moved suburbs.  Upon her former Pilates teacher’s recommendation, she gave Leap a try and stayed ever since!

Now 500 classes later, she has honoured her commitment to herself to make fitness a priority.  Even through the pandemic, Vanessa persisted with 4-5 virtual sessions each week, doing a variety of different classes.  They have made her feel a world of difference, and oh-so much stronger!

Let’s hear her story –

What made you stay with Leap, that made us different?

The variety of classes is excellent.  In the time I’ve been here, you’ve added new things which is really cool.

Also during this funny period of time for the last few years, I really appreciated how Leap moved and adapted really quickly once the restrictions were in place, to offer virtual classes.

When I started coming to Leap, I made a commitment to myself to make fitness a priority, and so when the restrictions came in and we couldn’t come in to the studio, the fact that we could go virtual meant I could continue my commitment to fitness.  And really quickly, Shirley and the team made it happen really quickly.

How’s your experience with the virtual classes?

They’re great!  They’re accessible and convenient.  I guess many of the members get to work from home sometimes, so on those days it’s really convenient to be able just quickly pop into a virtual class without needing to travel all the way in, no additional time commuting!

The availability of virtual classes means that I’ve kept that commitment to myself making fitness my priority.  I can do, on average, 4-5 classes a week, so it’s made a huge difference to how I was years ago. I’m confident that I am stronger than I was then.

What other fitness results have you seen?

I’ve noticed more flexibility in certain parts of my body in the past year, through just the little things. I’m not naturally flexible, so I’ve always had to work on that. [Vanessa, our Mobility+Release class every Tue at 6:30pm will be a great help to you!]

And increased general fitness, so now I’ve added in more Functional Training classes so that helps my cardio and fitness as a whole.

Any final messages for us or even yourself, past or future?

Thank you to Shirley and the rest of the team for making it possible, and easy, for people to engage with Leap.

The easier it is, the more likely we are to actually do the exercise. The exercise is hard, but you know simply getting here, having the virtual option, helps a lot and it’s all been really good.  It’s a great community that’s been built here.

Well done, Vanessa, for being our Member of the Month!