Congratulations to our Member of the Month – Eloisa!


From Sleepless to Stressing Less

As a mother, sometimes Eloisa would have two to three restless and sleepless nights. Difficulty with simple day time duties. Irritable at night. Compromised relationships with her family, and herself. Insomnia was preying on her quality of life. She was stressed beyond her body’s limits.

‘I had to change something’. What about introducing exercise again? Something to help her feel like she had time for herself, to help her stress just that little bit less.

Living only a few minutes away from Leap, she decided to give exercise a try. It’s so close, it wouldn’t hurt to just try right?

Fast forward six months – we just can’t get rid of her! 😉 Her Friday night Boogie Burner and Yoga combo has become her exercise religion that she ‘looks forward to’ every week. Her Eloisa time. Her stress less time, that her body craved for so long.

What Helped Her Commit?

She chose to do something that aligns with her passions. Variety in fitness exists for this very reason – to align with your interests! I’ve always loved dancing’ so naturally ending her long week with a boogie and stretch made exercise not feel like a chore, but a reward.

And her body is thanking her every day for it!

What Changed?

I feel like I can actually get some sleep now! Maybe not the full eight hours a night, but I am getting something!’

She is now able to function better, and most importantly, can be more present for her family now as she has filled her own cup. She says you must ‘love yourself, look after yourself – that’s the only way you give your best to what matters the most to you.’

‘Do something that will make your body thank you for the rest of your life!’ and ‘do something you like!’

So what’s your driving force? What do you think will make exercise feel like a reward, not a chore for you?

Keep up the amazing work Eloisa! We loved hearing your story and your journey so far!