Congratulations to our Member of the Month!



“My happy place is on a Reformer Pilates bed!” – Florence

Before coming to Leap, Florence wasn’t living an active or healthy lifestyle.

As a kid, she didn’t like sports and hated Physical Ed, so she never had a regular exercise routine.  As she got older and started working full-time in an office, she began to notice a lot of neck pain, back pain, and bad posture from desk work.  She constantly felt tired after work, more so than she thought she should.

Being around social media, she evitable compared herself to others, which resulted in body image issues and not feeling great about herself.  “I started noticing that I started becoming unhealthy.  I thought I better start changing something up, to change my mindset on those things.  I need to start looking after my body, physically and mentally”.

In Florence’s Words – 

“Leap is definitely not a regular gym.  The community is really great, and there’s a lot of wonderful people.  I like how Leap has something for everyone, with a lot of variety in classes.  Within the classes you can really tailor your exercise according to how your body is feeling that day, any injuries, and what you’re capable of.  It’s really great having instructors go there with you and how you can modify exercises to suit you.”

Exercise Results Go Beyond Just the Physical

“The first time I was able to hold a plank for more than a minute felt really good!  I’m currently working towards being able to do a pull up.

I’m also feeling less tired, feeling stronger e.g. being able to carry all the groceries in one go.

It’s also done wonders for my mental health; it’s just nice to take a step back and take a break from the world, and feeling grounded through your class and focus on yourself.  That kind of self-care has been the most noticeable change in me.”

“My life looks very different now than what it looked like a few years ago.  Had you asked me a few years ago that I’d be at Leap every other day, or that my happy place would be on a Reformer bed, I would have called you crazy!

It’s been a really enjoyable experience, and I’ve learnt a lot about myself.  I’m just really grateful for all the amazing instructors here and everyone else that comes here.  It really is a great community, and to be able to encourage and motivate each other in class makes.  It’s a lot easier to keep up a routine.

“My happy place is on a Reformer Pilates bed!” – Florence

Well done, Florence, for being our Member of the Month! You’re an inspiration to us!