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Monique’s story – 

‘I joined Leap Health and Wellbeing in Dec 18, attracted by how close the studio is to my work, and because I liked Yoga and Pilates.

After having attended the variety of classes offered at Leap, I was happy to discover Functional Training classes that I now attend, as well as Yoga.  I’m actually doing more Functional Training classes than I thought I would as I really enjoy them; I particularly like how they raise my energy levels.

I’m motivated to keep attending classes as I want to do something healthy during my lunch break, allowing me to get away from my desk, and not spend money at all the shops in Chatswood!

From being at the computer all day, I find my shoulders tend to ache, so stepping away from my desk and exercising has helped ease the discomfort in my shouldersas well as providing some positive headspace.

I’m also finding that I sleep a lot better after I attend classes so I’m aiming to attend at least four times a week.

I really enjoy the friendly people in the Leap classes, and this also keeps me motivated to keep turning up.  Another source of motivation is the challenges that run at the Leap studio.  I’m currently doing the Leap Winter Challenge, so I’m attending as many classes as possible to be in the running for the grand prize of $500 Westfield gift card.

When I first started at Leap, my goal was to lose weight, but after having done a body composition scan at the studio, it’s helped me make my goals more holistic.  I’m now more conscious of my eating habits.  I’m more active on the weekends as well, often doing walks and I’ve also taken up indoor rock climbing!’

I feel my strength and fitness are improving, and am enjoying the feeling of more energy across all areas of my life.’

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