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Darlene’s story:


I misaligned my pelvis since giving birth to my second child (who’s now 18 months) which caused constant pain in my right leg.  I also had abdominal separation from the birth.  My chiropractor nagged me every time I saw her that I should start practicing Pilates to strengthen my core, which would help prevent my pelvis from becoming misaligned again.

When I finally started researching for a Pilates studio, Leap came up on my Google search.  Located 10 minutes walk from my home in Chatswood, it’s very convenient for me to get to.  The studio has an excellent team of instructors who are professional and attentive.  Upon learning about my issues, the studio offered me a couple of private sessions on the Reformer machines to start.  When I got more confident, I progressed to group classes but the standard of care was always there.

The Leap studio offers more than just Reformer Pilates, they also offer group classes in Barre, Functional Training, a number of Yoga styles, as well as wellness coaching.  Being a busy mum, it’s easy to neglect my own wellbeing.  Some of the questions from the Wellness Coaching session left me pondering for days after – I’d never even thought about them until then!

I am now committed to doing several classes a week at the Leap studio, because I can feel the improvements Pilates has had on my core and pelvis, and the classes are good for my wellbeing.  In fact, I no, longer experience any leg pain, and my and abdominal muscles have closed and strengthened to the point where I am now able to do other forms of exercise such as dance and running.

My Chiro is definitely happy that I’ve started doing Pilates, she even said that my core feels completely different, almost as if it was from another person!

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