Congratulations to our Member of the Month – Sherry!

Sherry’s Recipe for Success: Community, Consistency, and a Dash of Confidence.

Sherry’s been cooking up a storm in the Leap community! She has proven to be a consistent performer throughout her time with us, and has never failed to be a warm member of the Leap family. Her body is getting stronger by the minute!

So what’s the secret to her fitness success?

Community, consistency, and confidence.

Sherry had always grown up pretty active, regularly swimming or doing her own exercises, before she migrated to Australia. But when she arrived a couple of years ago, she ‘completely stopped everything’.

Her old lifestyle as she knew it was at a standstill. Her body, inactive. Of course, the physical restrictions during COVID meant she was limited in movement, but starting as a non-English speaker, she was socially denied the comforts of belonging as well. This was a huge motivator for the whole reason she stays active, the community.

So how did she end up at Leap?

She knew she wanted to ‘stay active’ and was ‘looking for a way to be more socialised’ in the process.

What’s often the most important thing to consider with building a habit? Convenience.

Moving to the heart of Chatswood, lucky for her, Leap was a natural choice, being only a few minutes walk from her doorstep.

Being a new immigrant, Sherry was shocked by the absolute diversity here. Not only socioculturally, but also in terms of class variety or fitness levels. Everyone here was on their own journey, but all in the one community.

This helped her feel at ease. Planting the seeds of confidence and calm.

When she first joined, she stayed within her comfort bubble, doing Yoga, which she was familiar with. Over time, as this confidence flourished, and her sense of belonging grew, she broadened her horizons to pick up more diverse classes such as Functional Training and Reformer Pilates. Of course, at Leap, how could you resist all the unique options!

What is her fitness goal?

The most critical goal was to stay healthy and social. For her, fitness was not a race, it was about consistency. Chipping away slowly and building her fitness habits one by one is the recipe for her success.

She isn’t worried about physical motivators, but rather they’re a beautiful addition to her ultimate goal – a healthy body. A vessel for her to live her life through. Enjoy the people around her. And stay happy and healthy for the years to come.

What was the motivator that kept her going?

She had a clear goal. She had the community. What else seasoned her success story?

It was the confidence in knowing she was in the right place, on the right track. Little moments where she could even just get in that 45mins of movement for the day, was a win. And that win built her confidence, slowly, but steadily. In achieving her fitness goals, in feeling better after every class, it was made her have confidence in all her time and effort that – Leap was the best decision she ever made.

“After these past two years, I feel like I am achieving this. So I just really wanted to be healthier and more social, and really achieved that!”

And that is what keeps her going. Confidence in her results, consistency in her approach, and the community to cheer her on the whole way.

Beautiful words from our beautiful member. Keep up the amazing work, and keep inspiring those around you!