Congratulations to our Member of the Month!



“I got all my friends at work onto Pilates!”

Grace was stricken with back pain one day at work a couple of years ago.  After seeing a physiotherapist, she was told she had a slipped disc and needed to be on bed rest for a week.  Her physio urged Grace to do Pilates to help with her recovery, and avoid surgery down the track.

Grace came to Leap for her first Pilates session, in which we helped her to learn diaphragmic breathing as the first step on road to a stronger back.  Believe it or not, correct breathing is intricately linked to alleviating back pain and it’s the first step to strengthening core muscles for a strong back (see study here).

The next day, Grace felt sore around her ribs where she practiced breathing yesterday.  She was hooked!

Since then, Grace has been practicing weekly Pilates sessions at our studio (on her favourite Reformer Pilates machines), as well as doing home sessions using our ONLINE EXERICSE LIBRARY.

When she went back to her physio 2 years later for a check-up, he was tremendously impressed by her recovery, and said “whoa!  Grace, what have you been doing?!” – Pilates was the answer!

Leap gave Grace the support to be healthy

Grace credits her progress to the support she got from the Leap team.  The instructors not only helped her with her physical health but also mental health, particularly when she went through a difficult period during the COVID 19 lockdown in 2021.

One thing remained consistent throughout all this was her weekly Pilates sessions.  “Every day I was doing something which kept me healthy and sane.

Grace is now an advocate for Pilates!

Grace’s commitment and progress has impressed her physio, her parents (who are so proud of her!), and her friends.  She convinced many of her friends at work to take up Pilates.

So, Pilates for life, Grace?

“Absolutely!  It’s so fun!  It’s so good!  I love it!”

Well done, Grace, for being our Member of the Month! You’re an inspiration to us!