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Mary’s story – 

‘Before I had my three kids, I was very active – I used to play volleyball and was on my university team.  I enjoyed excising and my body needed it.  After having kids, exercise became harder to do.

After having my second child, I was diagnosed with borderline postnatal depression.  I was flat all the time, and not enjoying the time with my child.  I felt incredibly guilty that there were people out there who couldn’t have kids, and yet here I was with my healthy new-born baby and I wasn’t happy.  My doctor suggested for me to do something that I enjoyed.  Exercise came to mind.

I gradually began exercising again, and slowly but surely my mood improved.  And now with three kids, time became even more precious for me but I’d always make the time to exercise, because I know my body needs it to feel its best.

I enjoy a mix of classes that Leap offers, including Functional Training and Yoga.  I hated Yoga in my 20s, but now that I’m older, I appreciate Yoga so much more.  I love how I feel after the class – like I was floating on clouds!  I crave that time to connect within and having that time to myself.

To all the busy mums out there, I’d like to say that –

‘Exercise does wonders for your body and mood.  Life as a working mum is unbelievably busy but utilise all the help that you can get, and make the time to exercise and look after yourself.  You’ll be a better mother, better wife, better person because of it.’

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