Congratulations to our

Member of the Month!



“I’ve seen so many changes. It’s empowering and feels amazing!”

The old Kavya never exercised. She was scared that she “wouldn’t have the strength to even exercise” and wanted to try hiking or cycling, but fear consumed her, she was worried of “not being able to do it.”

As she had feared, during the peak of COVID, she attempted running.  It was a hard slog, and she got a muscle tear

This gave Kavya a reality check.

In the face of her fears she realised she “needed to build up my strength, so I could actually do these things“, and so she started her fitness journey.

Talk about a fight response, right?

Second time’s a charm!

“I did a couple classes at Leap back in 2019, but didn’t continue due to COVID. After COVID, my friend pushed me to get back.

That’s why I approached Leap again. One of the coaches sat me down and took me through the journey. I wasn’t worried about dropping off because I just needed that initial push.  I got that push from friends, family, and Leap – from there I was able to keep it going.”

Kavya’s mental fortitude is no joke. It’s inspiring! Look at her continue to steam ahead!

Kavya’s transformation

When Kavya was asked about what changes she saw in her body, her words glistened with confidence – “I’ve seen so many changes. It’s empowering and feels amazing.”

Perhaps one of her biggest personal accomplishments, was participating in the 2022 City2Surf again, only this time, she needed no breaks over the 14km journey! – “I just kept on going and going, it was amazing! … I have also shed some weight. Although weight was never the main goal, but it’s nice to have shed some stubborn fat.”

The 6-months climb to 100 visits

Impressed?  Wait until you hear how Kavya reached 100 visits in JUST SIX MONTHS!

“With two weeks left in the year, I happened to open the Mindbody app and saw I was so close to 100 classes [Leap celebrates its members’ key milestone visits, such as 100 classes]. I thought, since I wasn’t going anywhere in the holidays, let’s just do it. I spoke to the Leap team who helped me put together a plan to make it happen by 31 Dec 2022. I did both online and in-studio classes. The online classes on the Leap Online Exercise Library are amazing!”

She makes it sound easy!

Kavya credits the small and personal classes at the Leap studio for helping her “become more open and confident and to help me enjoy the workouts more“.

What’s next for Kavya?

“Maybe 250 this year? I think I can do it. And I can’t wait to do my next fitness assessment to see my progress!”

Now that’s the attitude of a true inspiration.

Well done Kavya for being our Member of the Month!  See you at the 250 mark!