Congratulations to our Member of the Month!



Jen’s Story

‘I was experiencing a lot of anxiety, through work stress, personal stress and it was affecting my physical wellbeing as well.

Another big factor for me was that my profession involves working with children, which is very hands-on.  I realised I needed to take care of myself more so that I could be better equipped to take care of them.

I’ve been with Leap for 2-3 years, and I’ve noticed my anxiety levels are significantly lower and I feel that I can manage my stress a lot better.

Now that I’ve established a routine of attending all the different classes, I really look forward to it and it’s a way of de-stressing after work.’

What were the frustrations in establishing an exercise routine?

‘My initial frustration was dealing with the mental block of moving from something that’s new and exciting to then persisting with exercise and making it a routine.  It’s difficult to persist when you don’t yet see the long-term benefits, that come later.

Having friends and other people in the Leap community who encourage and spur me on really helped.

The community here is really warm and welcoming and definitely makes it easier compared to being in a cold gym environment where you don’t know anyone.’

What’s different about Leap?

‘At Leap, people care about you, and I think that’s the biggest difference.

Even as you walk through the door it’s such a warm and welcoming environment, and isn’t the typical cold one in other big gyms where people just go in and out and are never smiling.

The Leap team and even the other members themselves, make such a big difference.  Once you find your people, it makes it so much more exciting and motivating to come along because you realise that you’re actually part of something that’s bigger than just being a fish in the ocean.

I have really enjoyed the variety of classes and being able to see how I can improve in different areas that have benefited me mentally and physically.  There’s definitely something for everyone; whether you want to try strength, meditation or a mix of both, it’s here.’

How has life changed for you?

‘My cardio health and stamina improved significantly. I can keep up with most classes where I used to be puffing and heaving and having to stop and take many breaks, which is very normal!

Even in my work, I can run around with the children a lot more and easier.

I can now use heavier weights which is something I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing before because I had an idea where using light weights was better for me.

Using heavy weights has strengthened my muscles and helped me feel more capable and willing to challenge myself more since I have a sense of achievement.

I’ve also noticed I can do normal activities with greater ease such as walking up hills or for long distances and carrying groceries from the car in one trip!

Overall, I feel so much more well-rounded and grounded.

My mood is so much better.  I look happier!  – which is a big thing to actually see it.

How did you cope with lockdown?

‘It was very comforting to know that Leap was still around and that they didn’t just leave us in the dark like other gyms that had closed.

They were genuinely caring for the members and having the calls from the team checking up on how I was really helped.

Just having the availability and flexibility of online classes helped me so I was still able to keep up those good habits I had built.

In such an unstable time of period, exercise was part of my routine, just like eating, and it was so important to help break up my days and give me something to look forward to at a time when there just wasn’t much to look forward to.’

‘I feel more capable and willing to challenge myself more since I have a sense of achievement through exercise.‘ – Jen

Well done, Jen, for being our Member of the Month!  Keep up the amazing work!