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Bridget’s story – 

Bridge is Leap’s youngest member, at just 15 years of age.

She began exercising at Leap a year ago.  A depressive episode drew her attention to her health.

She realised that her sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and a lack of physical activity put her at high risk of diabetes and other health issues.

This gave her the push to start exercising.

Recalling the first couple of months, she admitted they were hard.  Her muscles were sore all the time, and she often had to take breaks in class.

However, she persevered, understanding the importance of keeping her sessions regular and pushing through the barriers to break out of old habits.

She likened regular exercise to Snapchat streaks – sending daily photos back and forth with a friend for consecutive days; if you stop for a day, all previous streaks are lost, so it’s an incentive to keep going. To Bridget, instead of sending photos, exercising every day is the key to improvement.

Her persistence paid off when she began to notice the soreness went away, and she wasn’t feeling so strained anymore.

Another big motivator for Bridget is dance.

She picked up ballet again after a break that lasted a few years. Her love for ballet and the desire to improve was another source of motivation for her to keep exercising.

One year on, she’s very proud that her health is back on track.  She’s strong, fit, and working on the splits.

Throughout this experience, Bridget observed that being healthy isn’t just about not being sick.  To her, health is about keeping your body in shape so you don’t get puffed out when walking up the stairs.

She’d like to say to anyone wanting to start the same journey: The hardest part is just to start.  Trust that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  And keep telling yourself that your body isn’t at its limit yet, because often you can push beyond the boundary that you set yourself.

‘Being healthy isn’t just about not being sick. Being healthy is also about keeping your body in shape so you don’t get puffed out when walking up the stairs.’

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