Congratulations to our  Member of the Month!

Ghazaal’s story:

I like the vibe of the Leap studio, its convenience, and its variety of classes.  The instructors help me grow from an absolute beginner.

I do a mix of Functional Training, Barre, and Yoga at the studio each week.  The instructors always bring something new to class so I never feel bored,

and always motivated to come.

After attending regular classes at Leap since Oct last year, I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, which is nice.  But more importantly for me, I feel fantastic!  I have more energy, I move better, and I feel good about myself!

Before coming to Leap, I used to focus and think a lot about exercising to lose weight.  The best thing I learnt at Leap is thinking about my body and soul, and being thankful everyday for the time that I spend for my health.  It is an amazing feeling that you get as you gradually change and. enhance your lifestyle.  And the 2 dress-sizes I’ve lost?  That’s just a bonus!

Try the Leap difference!

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