Congratulations to our

Member of the Month!



“I’m grateful to be here every week; I enjoy everybody’s company at the studio. The staff are terrific!”

Tony began Pilates after his wife persuaded him to try it back in Nov 2021.  Both his daughter and wife are Pilates enthusiasts; his wife, Debra, has been a long-term member here at Leap doing 3-4 sessions per week.

Tony was sceptical at first, and didn’t know what to expect.  But credit to him, he came in for his first session, then two, then four, and he has recently achieved his 100th session, and is now one of the Leap Champions!

Over the years, Tony had played football, cricket, and golf.  He and his wife used to go out for runs and bike-riding in Adelaide.  Since moving to Sydney, Tony has been feeling somewhat lonely; he hasn’t been wanting to pick up those activities because “doing them by myself isn’t much fun”.

Coming to Leap gave Tony more than just exercise, the sessions gave Tony good company and exercise.

“I’m grateful to be here every week; I enjoy everybody’s company at the studio. The staff are terrific!  There’s no one here I don’t like.”

Tony teamed up with one of our other members here, Greg, in their weekly Pilates sessions.  We gave them an entity name G&T (Gin & Tonic)!

After 14 months of Pilates, Tony has found the exercises are getting easier to do e.g. pulling on the ropes isn’t as taxing as it used to.

And after some especially challenging sessions (we got to keep you on your toes, Tony!), Tony looks forward to going home and having a nice cold beer as his reward!

To those considering to try Pilates, Tony says “just go for it – Pilates exercises are gentle on the joints, great for the body and mind, and the team at Leap is terrific!”

Well done, Tony, for being our Member of the Month!