Congratulations to our Member of the Month!



Greg’s Story:

My name is Greg and I spend most of my day at a desk.

I first started to pay attention to Leap at the beginning of lockdown in NSW.

All of the gyms around me were closing, and Leap was offering live streamed classes the same day lockdown started!  This made me want to support a business that clearly looked out for its member.

My wife also started attending Leap’s LIVE STREAM Yoga classes, and was getting a lot out of it.

Being a bloke, I felt I wasn’t much of a Yogi, but wanted to get back into fitness, as I’d pretty much neglected it for a decade.  However, I wasn’t strong enough to just pick up a bunch of weights.

In my youth, I was extremely active, playing basketball and lifting weights.  But kids and life got in the way.  Due to being hit by a car when I was a kid, I’ve had a bad back and knee for going on 45 years, and as I’ve gotten older, they’ve gotten worse.

With all my old injuries and a lack of exercise over the years, choosing the right facility, program and instructor with the right level of care and capability was important for me.  I felt Leap had exactly that.

When Leap introduced their 6-Week Beginner At-Home Exercise Program in November, I knew I had to join.  It was run by a degree-qualified Exercise Physiologist who’s worked with many ‘older’ people like me with a collection of injuries.  I felt safe training with Leap.

This program has been a fantastic way for me to get back into fitness at my own pace, and back to a level of health that a man my age is supposed to be.

It’s good that I can do it from home, and checking in with my instructor, Eliza, via Zoom every Saturday is great at keeping me accountable.  And I was delighted that she’s a real person who I can talk to and ask questions.

From the program, I learnt how to work out smarter and how to activate and strengthen my core, so that I can get into lifting weights again with better technique – and without injuring myself.

My fitness, my strength, and especially my coordination, has improvement a lot since I started, and I find that I can go lower in my movements, and last longer.

I definitely recommend Leap’s online programs and LIVE STREAM classes to anyone wanting to start their fitness journey, especially if you’re uncomfortable going to a gym.

I’m really looking forward to continuing my journey with Eliza and the rest of the Leap Team.

Well done GREG for being our Member of the Month!  Keep up the amazing work!