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Claire’s story:


My father was always very fit and very healthy so I think that has been instilled in me. My father and I used to do Yoga, Pilates, weights at the gym and sprint training together.

I used to go for walks or do sprints on the oval in my lunch hour, then I got a rescue dog I started doing my big walks with my dog in the evenings.  In my lunch time, I would use the spare office and do my own floor Pilates, Yoga and short workout routines with stretchy bands and body weight.  Then this year, Leap Health and Wellbeing opened up right across the road!  When my girlfriend from work wanted to check out the studio, I went with her, and since then I’ve been coming to classes most days of the week.

What I like the most about Leap’s classes is that I am pushed out of my comfort zone and I am challenged, but obviously enjoy the challenge, otherwise I wouldn’t keep coming back. And I don’t really have an excuse when it’s right across the road!

I also used to pay a lot for a one-on-one private Pilates lesson and I can’t afford that as often as I would like, with this studio I’m paying less per week for as many sessions as I like!

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