Congratulations to our Members of the Month – Liz + Char

Some say “those who sweat together, stay together”

At Leap, Char and Liz are our power duo!

They are also known for having lots of fun and chit chatting at the back of classes!! These ladies are dedicated and so strong, they are always in a class no matter the weather or the time of day!!

Liz and Char have combined done over 2,700 classes. These ladies have been busy!!

Char started at Leap in 2018 (not long after Leap opened) and a year later Liz joined Leap!

Char’s Story:

Char was one of Leaps’ first members! She joined us not even a month after Leap opened. Char heard a new studio was opening near her office and she knew she wanted to get exercise to be apart of her routine.

In 2018 Char came to leap with a goal in mind of wanting to be fit as she had turned 50. Char started by completing 2-3 classes per week. Overtime Char became our first member to hit 500 classes, 1000 and now nearly 1750 classes!

When reflecting on her time at Leap Char speaks about the diversity of classes and how excersies is excellent for her mind, body and soul.

Char has added exercise to her daily routine as well during her lunch breaks she comes and completes a lunch time class. Char speaks about how excercise helps break up her day and keeps her productive for the second half of the day!

500 classes fitness
family fitness fun

Liz’s Family in 2020

Liz’s Story:

Liz joined one year after Leap opened. At the beginning of 2019 Liz was looking for a place to help her keep fit and healthy.

Liz joined Leap as it was close to home and in a convient location. Liz started at Leap doing Yoga and occasionally functional training (Liz was a bit nervous to try pilates), within 6 months of being at Leap Liz took the Leap and tried pilates. She loves pilates and functional training!

Liz reflects how Leap has contributed to her weight loss and has provided her with a sense of wellbeing.

Over the years Liz has completed over 900 classes and has been able to bring her family along for the ride (including her teenage children!!)

Liz’s reflects how Leap has encouraged Liz to make fitness a higher priority.

Both Char and Liz have reflected on the importance of friendships at Leap!

The hard work is paying off!!