Congratulations to our  Members of the Month!


It’s extraordinarily hard to stay moving and exercise during lockdown, but these two SUPERSTARS are prioritising their health and staying active.

Jini and Kana!

Kana’s Story

Kana joined us at Leap in May, and already she’s attended over 80 classes! Kana felt she’d been gaining too much weight since the last lockdown and her changed body shape made her feel unmotivated and unconfident.

“I just kept being lazy. Although I knew that having a not beautiful shape made me less motivated and less confident.”

She knew she needed to change this, as it often gets harder to motivate yourself to adopt a healthier lifestyle the older you get.

Admittedly to be a bit of a lazy person, as she prefers to be sitting rather than standing.  The Leap studio is super close to home, so she has zero excuse not to join!

Kana liked that the studio was clean and all the instructors were incredibly nice.

She also appreciated the fact that all the members and teachers create a wonderful community who help motivate themselves and each other.

The instructors push her just when she’s about to give up, so that she can go further in her workout than she thought she could’ve, and the other members inspire her when they work hard, and when they encourage her.

Now Kana feels that her quality of life has improved so much since joining Leap! She is more toned, eats more healthily and sleeps better, all because she exercises more. 

She’s also inspired her partner to be healthier, by doing our Live Stream/Virtual classes next to him – so much so that he’s now joined in on the fun!


Jini’s Story

Jini joined Leap in August last year, when she suffered back pain. At first she brushed it off, thinking that everyone gets back pain, but when she couldn’t lean over the sink to wash her face, she knew she had to do something about it.

Her GP diagnosed her with scoliosis, a condition that twists the spine out of alignment. After hearing about Pilates from her roommate (and fellow Leap Member), Grace, who was also suffering back pain, she decided to give it a go.  Starting with one-on-one sessions, Jini gradually grew strong enough to join group classes and hasn’t looked back.

As someone who works in childcare and does Uni at the same time, Jini struggled to find the time to fit in classes to begin with, but made it her priority to go so that she could live painlessly.

At the beginning, it was hard in class when she saw how others could do more advanced moves while she was still on more beginner moves, but the friendly instructors at Leap always made her feel at ease.

Jini’s progress has been amazing! Her most recent Physical Fitness Assessment classified her lower body strength as “Excellent” (the highest benchmark!), holding a two minute wall sit, and then she came back for a Barre class directly after!

While she definitely admits that it’s harder to workout during lockdown than doing classes in studio, she’s risen to the challenge! Even though her bedroom is small, she does Zoom classes and has been doing workouts from our Online Exercise Library.

To help her stay more motivated, she’s enlisted her boyfriend in on the virtual fun!

“You HAVE to do class with me!”

Jini’s most valuable change since joining has been her mindset.

Before, everything I did was about losing weight– the YouTube videos, I used to weigh myself on scale and feel stressed.  Now I don’t check the scales. I feel happy, healthy, and have no back pain when I wake up, or when I hold a baby at work.”

I feel happy, healthy, and still enjoy eating ice cream!”


Well done, Jini & Kana, for being our Members of the Month!  Keep up the amazing work!