Congratulations to our  Member of the Month!



Meredith’s Story:

Meredith has now been a part of the Leap family for nearly a year and a half and is one of our most awarded members – a 250 Class Champion and a Live Stream Star!

How did all start?

It was a work lunch. There was Thai food.  Meredith was telling a coworker how her teenage daughter, Lizzie, wanted to try Reformer Pilates. She’s already left a message at a studio somewhere, but they hadn’t gotten back to her.

Luckily for us, that coworker was Amelia Dennis (our March 2020 Member of the Month!), and she told Meredith to try Leap Health and Wellbeing!

Meredith started by attending Reformer Pilates class with Lizzie in the evenings, and then trying out extra classes during the day.

She loved the variety of classes, the relaxing environment – Meredith had never stepped foot into a gym but she’d seen the movies, and gyms in them definitely didn’t look like this!

Meredith loves all the classes, but at the moment, Barre is what’s closest to her heart, ‘I started doing lunchtime Barre on a Friday, and told Lizzie, you’ve got to do this, you’ll like it!

When lockdown hit, and the order to work from home was issued, Meredith transitioned seamlessly into the Leap LIVE STREAM classes.

She’s enjoying classes that she didn’t before – ‘I’ve never liked doing Functional Training– it’s too sweaty, but doing it online at home means I can cool down quicker‘.

She also loves doing Mat Pilates – Kirralie’s Sunday morning Mat class is great. Sometimes, I don’t even get out of my pyjamas.

She even has her Saturday morning routine down pat: wake up, make cake, put cake in oven, set timer, attend 9:30am Virtual Barre. When class is over, the cake is ready!  Genius, we say!

So, Meredith, what would you say to someone who’s never been to Leap before?

If you’re interested in starting an exercise journey, it’s a great place. It’s so lovely and it feels relaxing! It has such a nice environment!

Well done, Meredith, for being our Member of the Month!  Keep up the amazing work!

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