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Mark’s story – 

‘I had been a member of a large, local gym for a long time.  I wasn’t getting much out of the gym membership.  It didn’t do much to motivate me by way of guidance or showing care for its members.  I found the whole environment very impersonal.  In fact, I sustained an injury while there simply because I didn’t know what I was doing.  I found myself going there less and less, and each time I went I didn’t enjoy being there.

That’s when I discovered Leap.  It’s small, personal, boutique studio environment was a stark contrast to the big-box gyms.  The instructors and staff at the Leap studio genuinely care about the members’ wellbeing. The classes are small enough to ensure that the exercises are adjusted and tailored to me.

I was a beginner when I joined and the Leap classes tailors to my level of fitness and experience, which really helped.  The Leap instructors impart knowledge about movement (the why and the how), as opposed to simply demonstrate and follow the cookie-cutter approach.

The mix of classes of low-impact mindful training such as Yoga and Pilates, and the higher-intensity classes such as Functional Training gives me everything I need for a balanced and holistic approach to exercising.  I wasn’t into Yoga before I came to Leap, and now I’m doing 2-3 classes a week!

I’m turning 60 soon, and I want to be healthy and mobile for as long as I can.  Exercise is the best preventative medicine against many age-related diseases, that I want to avoid.  The classes that I do at Leap is my insurance for a long and healthy life.’

I hope that my story may inspire you to give your own health the priority it deserves.  It’s all too easy to make excuses that we’re too busy – but if we don’t prioritise our own health, then who will…?

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