Congratulations to our Member of the Month – Greg!


Greg did his first Pilates session at Leap back in March 2019.

Being the adventurous thrill-seeker that he is, Greg’s body copped several injuries including pinched nerves in the cervical spine (neck), and calf and Achilles tears from motorcycle accidents.  All in all, we knew Pilates was the best form of exercise for him but we were also nervous that his body may respond less than ideal after the sessions…

Lucky for us, Greg loved his sessions and his body responded very well to the exercises we gave him!

Greg did so well that he was often asked by his shooting friends the secret to his amazing aim.  Well, his secret is Pilates! – all that stability training we did with him.

During the pandemic lockdown, Greg was so committed to his weekly training that he met us outdoors to continue his weekly sessions.  Those sessions were more than just exercise for Greg, it was like staying connected with a friend.  Being a business owner, Greg was under enormous pressure during the pandemic, and so were we, so it felt like two friends supporting each other through those dark times.

Four years on, Greg has recently completed 240 sessions!

At the beginning of 2023, Greg challenged his partner to a Plank-Off.  After three and a half minutes, Greg was defeated but he was also determined to improve his time.

After training for the last couple of months, he challenged his partner to another Plank-Off.  This time, Greg fought on for five and a half minutes! – that’s a 60% improvement!  Greg’s partner is a hardcore (pun 100% intended) plank-ist who claimed the title again. But this only ignites Greg’s determination to train even harder.

We’re cheering for you all the way, Greg!  We’re so impressed that your plank extended by 2 whole minutes in the last few short months.  And we believe that you’ll claim the title in the next Plank-Off.