Congratulations to our Member of the Month!



Michele’s Story

Michele has been going from strength to strength – from winning Teacher’s Pet at Christmas and now Member of the Month in for April! She’s also the proud new grandma of granddaughter!

Before I came to Leap, I’d been seeing a physio about some hip pain that I had had.

Like most people, I’d started lockdown with the best of fitness intentions. I live near a national park, and tried to go walking every day with my husband, but my hip pain got in the way. I could only get halfway through the walk before I would start to feel it. Eventually, it got to the stage where I couldn’t wear any of my favourite shoes or enjoy activities that I usually enjoyed.

The exercises the physio prescribed me were a lot like pilates mat exercises that I used to do in gym classes. So, when I finished my visits with him, I started looking for a studio that would look after me and my injury.

Leap immediately stood out to me with it’s small classes and how much individual attention you got. The instructors get to know you and are quick to correct you when you’re not doing things right and it completely changes the exercise- and it feels really good! I learnt how to do things properly for the first time even though I’d been doing mat pilates at the gym for 10 years.

Now I have no hip pain to speak of, and I’ve noticed a big improvement in the strength of my legs (and the cellulite has gone away!). I’m feeling more toned and lifted everywhere. I feel rejuvenated and my improvements are continuing at a steady rate.

Looking after yourself gives you not normal, physical strength but it also gives you inner strength, and physical pride in yourself. Leap’s classes have and are helping me through tough times, and it helps me hold my own.

(It’s also fun to be able to out pace my daughter when we go for walks!)

Well done MICHELE for being our Member of the Month!  Keep up the amazing work!