Leap Studio

When the outside world is filled with chaos and busy-ness, our charming studio feels like a sanctuary.  A place to put aside your to-do list and focus on you.

Leap exercise studio Chatswood_Yoga

When you’re here, why not sample our freshly brewed herbal tea with daily flavour changes for your enjoyment.

Leap exercise studio Chatswood_Pilates

Peruse the many books in our studio library, built by current and previous Leap team members who each donated a book which had moved them in profound ways.  We hope to inspire you to live your best life!

Leap exercise studio Chatswood_Barre

Have a chat with our friendly staff and fellow Leap members.  Our members make our studio a community and a tribe.  Everyone is here for the same reason you are – looking after themselves, and everyone started from the same place you did, so there’s zero judgement.

Leap exercise studio Chatswood_Members

And finally, simply enjoy the class you came for, with superior instruction and programming from our experienced and passionate instructors, who want the best for you.  Our team includes instructors who teach other instructors, Yogis who have over 3000 hours of teaching experience, and also exercise physiologists with a penchant for fun group classes.

Leap exercise studio Chatswood_training

We acknowledge our members’ tremendous efforts and achievements on their journey to better health and wellbeing.  Our Leap Champions wall at the studio is a recognition of their commitment.

Leap exercise studio Chatswood_Leap Champions

Our champions have visited the studio over 50, 100, and even 250 times!  Not too long ago they were in your shoes…

Some of them have achieved amazing feats in personal fitness and wellbeing.  In doing so, they have made exercise a part of their lives.

At Leap, you’re always welcome, and we’re always glad to see you.  Pop in and say ‘hi’!