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The Leap Starter Package is for you if:

  • You are new to exercise, or perhaps you used to be active, stopped for a long break, and now looking to start again.
  • You live or work in Chatswood, and want an easy way to start regular exercise.
  • You want the guidance and support to achieve that active lifestyle you've always wanted.

With Back2Basics session, personalised SUCCESS session, and unlimited group classes including Reformer Pilates and LIVE STREAM classes...take the leap and get active again!

Book NOW for just $118!

Total Value $494.00

Attentive & expert instructors  |  Variety of classes & functional exercises  |  Supportive community

This year, I want to feel fabulous, fit, and strong!

Have you been wanting to become active, but are held back by thoughts like these? 

  • I’m so out of shape and unfit, I don’t want the others to judge me
  • I’m worried that the intensity of the exercise will overwhelm my body
  • I don’t know how to do the exercises correctly
  • I might give up after 2 weeks and lose my motivation
  • Walking has been my exercise for a long time and I’m not getting anywhere
  • I want personal sessions but they’re so expensive

When you haven't exercised before (or in a long time), the regular gym may as well be another planet.  Everything feels overwhelming, intimidating, and hard!

We fix that...

We make it easy for you to get started, with the guidance of expert instructor who care about your journey.

We make exercise fun with our variety of small group classes that takes care of all your physical and wellbeing needs.

The Leap Starter Package gives you 3 things that make all the difference for exercise beginners or those coming back to exercise after a break.

1) A Back2Basics exercise session

Worried that you'd look silly and possibly hurt yourself in class because you don't know how to do the exercises correctly?

Or you're worried that the intensity of the exercise will overwhelm your body?

This 1-on-1 session sets the foundation for effective exercise that's right for you.

We'll show you how to use weights, and the Reformer Pilates machine!

You'll learn the techniques and the way you can modify exercises for your body to ensure you avoid injury and maximise confidence!


2) A personalised Success Session

Are you worried that you might give up after 2 weeks and lose your motivation?

Our personalised Success Session can help!  It's a 1-on-1 session where you’ll leave with:

1) a set of personal goals and strategies to overcome potential barriers

2) an 18-page report on your estimated biological age (different to the chronological age) based on your current lifestyle

3) a starting point for your fitness and strength 

3) Unlimited Classes

Access all group classes for 2 weeks to experience the Leap difference. 

  • Reformer Pilates gives you a strong core, and it strengthens and tones you like no other
  • Functional Training and Barre give you cardiovascular exercises for a healthy heart,  and a healthy weight
  • Yoga gives you flexibility, and that prized mind-body connection
  • LIVE STREAM classes makes exercise easy for days when you can't make it to the studio

Watch one of Leap's instructors in action

The results you can expect as a Leap Starter

The entire focus of this package is YOU.  My role is to personally guide you to get you up-to-speed with exercises that you CAN do, and that will deliver results for you!

Here are a few of the results you can expect from taking part in the Leap Starter Package:

  • Clarity on your personal health and wellbeing goals
  • Confidence in your ability to exercise
  • Know-how on ‘how do I do this exercise’?
  • Freedom from the fear and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you back
  • Belief in yourself in getting active and fit

Where's the studio?

Leap Health and Wellbeing is located in the heart of Chatswood at Ground Floor, Tower A, 799 Pacific Highway (corner Thomas Street).

Whether you’re a local resident in the North Shore or work around the area, you can attend all our Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training and Barre classes in Chatswood!  

When it's that convenient, you'll visit more often!


What our members say...

'Leap is a fantastic concept - you get your cardio training, which they call Functional Training, your Pilates for strengthening, and your Yoga for flexibility and mindfulness, all under the one roof.'

Kevin B.

'I thought the Back2Basics session was excellent.  It's been a while since I did group exercise classes so I wanted to make sure my technique is right.  The Back2Basics session gave me the refresher I needed to start taking part in the Functional Training classes at Leap.  The session was informative, hands-on, and highly relevant.  We were shown a number of the basic exercises that often appeared in the group classes, so we got to practice in a friendly and safe environment.'

Jennifer C.

'I did a SUCCESS session before I began taking group classes at Leap. I hadn't exercised for several years, I felt unfit and worried that I might not be able to do the class. In the SUCCESS  session, we went through a number of key exercises and I was pleasantly surprised that I did pretty well and my body remembered how to do them! The session gave me a big confidence boost that I could do the group classes after all. It's encouraged me to get back to exercising, which I've been doing since! I recommend every new person to do it!'

Helen W.

What You'll Get in the Leap Starter Package

2 weeks of unlimited group classes, including LIVE STREAM (valued at $176)


1 x personalised SUCCESS session (valued at $119, 60 minutes) covering: 

1) setting of goals and overcoming potential barriers

2) healthy lifestyle assessment and what's ageing you, and

3) setting a starting point for fitness and strength


1 x Back2Basics Functional Training and Reformer Pilates one-on-one session (valued at $119, 60 minutes)



Go from I-want-to-be-active, to being-active in 14 days!

The Leap Starter Package is available to 20 people ONLY, for a limited time.

Book your spot by making an appointment below.  We look forward to getting you started.


Perhaps you need a little more time to be ready.  That's ok.

We'd be happy to send you a free Beginner's Guide to Exercise for REAL RESULTS.

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