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Leap Health and Wellbeing LIVE STREAM online virtual classes

Who are our ONLINE classes for -

Are you...

  • Feeling anxious during these uncertain times?  That's ok!  Exercise can fight stress, and feelings of anxiety and depression.  See our webinar on the link between exercise and mental health.
  • Struggling with the lack of routine?  Working from home, home schooling the kids, or studying by yourself means that there's no one to tell you to clock off and relax.  Doing a lunch time or an after-work class with us can give you that structure and new routine.
  • Feeling some of your old aches and pains flare up?  With poor posture, poor ergonomic set-up and a lack of movement, old aches and pains are going to become a daily factor of life again.

Experience the benefits of a complete exercise program through our wide variety of classes.  We run daily live stream classes across Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Functional Training.

Get the results you want as our amazing instructors tailor their programming to you making sure that you exercise safely and effectively

Begin your exercise journey from the comfort of your lounge room/spare room/backyard, and access our LIVE STREAM classes anywhere.

Become a part of our amazing community of members today!

According to our members, we run the BEST online classes!

We think it could be because - 

We make the exercises safe for you, so you can keep on moving despite of injuries or aches in the body.
We make it fun!  Because you'd only keep on doing things that are fun, so you enjoy exercising with us.
We get the family involved!  So you don't have to find a minder for the kids when you exercise - they join you!



1. One-week UNLIMITED access to our LIVE STREAM classes

2. A COMPLIMENTARY 15-minute Zoom private to get you started


Booking is essential!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have equipment at home. Can I still do the classes?

Absolutely! Most of our LIVE STREAM casses are done with body weight, and minimum equipment. We're always finding ways to implement everyday household items into our workout. We recommend substituting weights with cans of doos, laundry detergent, bags of fruit/vegetables (potatoes and oranges work fantastically) or, if you're up for the challenge, your own children or pets work great too!

At Leap, we're getting increasingly creative with our clasees, so you can still maximise your exercise with minimal equipment.

How do I join the LIVE STREAM classes?

Easy! It involves booking in the classes you want, and then clicking on the link we send you. If you think you can handle that, leave your details below to receive the instructions on how to set up an account to start enjoying our LIVE STREAM classes!

What are the benefits of doing online classes?

Well, you get to join a community of friendly and exercise loving people at Leap! You will also receive expert instruction and programming of highly qualified instructors (including Exercise Physiologists), so that you can make the most of your exercise minutes.

Regular classes also give you a bit of structure and normalcy to your day. 

I'm an exercise beginner and a little embarrassed/nervous about starting.

That's one of the best things about our Live Stream classes - you get to start in the comfort of your own home, away from prying eyes!

I'm very busy with work/kids/life at home, the Live Stream class times don't always suit.

That's completely fine - every week we send out the recordings of our Live Stream classes to our members so that you can see your new friends and favourite instructors at a time that's convenient for you.

What if I have issues with some of the moves or poses in the class?

No problem! All you have to do is unmute yourself in the Zoom class, so that you can ask your instructor for a modification, just as if you were in a group class in the studio yourself!

I have one more questions that's just not on here.

Email your question to admin@leaphealthandwellbeing.com.au.  We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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