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Why is it so hard to stick to exercise?

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“I don’t have enough time”

For a large percentage of us, exercise is the last thing on our minds with work, family and study responsibilities. It can often feel as if there’s just not enough hours in a week to fit an extra task in. Overcome this by integrating exercise into your daily life – take the stairs instead of the lift, do some strength exercises during TV ad breaks or walk/cycle to the train station instead. Physical activity doesn’t have to be structured sessions at the gym! Split your 30-minute cycle into two 15-minute blocks, break your strength training into groups. Always remember that some exercise is better than none – be kind to yourself!

Still struggling to get your 150 minutes in? Try HIIT! HIIT (or high-intensity interval training) involves short periods of high-intensity exercise, with intervals of rest in between. By working at a higher intensity, you can achieve similar benefits as a longer, moderate-intensity session in a short amount of time. HIIT doesn’t have to be classes at the gym, start by incorporate sprints into your run, followed by a minute or two or brisk walking.

“I just don’t enjoy exercising”

Why continue doing something you don’t enjoy? There are plenty of ways for you to be physically active that don’t involve running or lifting weights! Here’s some you could try: hiking, Pilates, paddle boarding, martial arts, dancing, rock climbing, surfing. Give a few activities a go until you find one you enjoy, you’ll be 10 times more likely stick to it.

Otherwise, research shows that exercising with others greatly improves adherence. Recruit an exercise buddy to workout with you, join a local sports team or community running group! You’ll find that exercising with peers also gives you to chance to recharge your social battery whilst you’re working on your health and wellbeing.

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